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FUJIFILM DENTAL X-RAY FILM is a double-emulsion high speed non-screen X-ray film with fine grain and high contrast. Fujifilm's Super Thin ∑(sigma)-LIC Grain Technology delivers high resolution and fine-grain images.


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Speed E

  • High speed, high contrast, high resolution
  • High clarity images with bluer tint
  • High -processing stability
  • High resistant to pressure marks and scratches, and has outstanding anti-static properties

Speed D

  • High contrast, high resolution, and low fog
  • High clarity images

Sigma-LIC Grain Technology

Fujifilm developed Super Thin Sigma-LIC (Localized Image Centers) Grain technology in order to improve X-ray absorption efficiency. It produces silver halide crystals that are flat and hexagonal, with latent image centers concentrated in the corners for increased X-ray absorption. This results in latent images that are more intense and stable than those obtained with conventional silver halide crystals.

[Photo] Super Thin Sigma-LIC Grain

Super Thin Sigma-LIC Grain