For precise and reliable image quality

Film/Screen — FUJIFILM's extensive line-up of films ensures precise and reliable image quality.

Super HR-U30

The all-around orthochromatic film for general radiography

Super HR-T30

A high-contrast, high-resolution orthochromatic film for general radiography

HR Screens

Green-emitting intensifying screens for various applications

Super RX

Exceptionally sharp, high contrast images


For higher efficiency and diagnostic quality

The need to increase efficiency as well as diagnostic quality has become more important with the advent of managed care. FUJIFILM processors ensure peak efficiency without sacrificing diagnostic quality.


An X-ray processor designed to optimize productivity


Versatile processor for medium- to high-volume processing

Mammography Films and Screens

For unsurpassed quality in the most demanding environment

FUJIFILM Medical Systems offers a complete line of mammography X-ray imaging solutions including a variety of film-screen mammography systems. The product line provides the flexibility and customization that will produce images of unsurpassed quality in the most demanding environment.

AD Mammography System

The advanced imaging system for mammography

UM-MA HC System

High speed, high contrast orthochromatic film for mammography

UM-MA Screens & Cassette

Unrivalled reliability and stability

  • Specifications and appearance of the product are subject to change without notice.
  • Language indications for all products vary by country.
  • All products are made to conform to country regulations.
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