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Housing made of polypropylene


Housing made of polypropylene
  • Housing that supports ultra-high flow rates up to 300 L/min.
    Dedicated design that demonstrates the performance of large filters to the greatest degree
  • The filter housing main body is made of field-proven polypropylene resin.
  • The lineup of fittings (optional) include 3 types: 65 A, 50 A, and 40 A.


Main specifications and structure

Appearance photo / Outline drawing
[Image] Appearance photo / Outline drawing
Rough dimensions As stated above
Main body connecting diameter 65 A union, male (AOC); N-1 and N-2 in illustration on the right
Air bleeding / drain diameter RC1/2; N-3 and N-4 in illustration on the right
Withstand pressure 0.49 MPa
Maximum working temperature 50℃
Material Main body: Polypropylene
Ring nut: Polypropylene
Air bleeding / drain plug: Polypropylene
O-ring: EPDM
Bore diameter A (mm) 451
B (mm) 80
C (mm) φ251
D (mm) 451 (65A), 430 (40A, 50A)

Pressure loss of polypropylene housing

[Image] Pressure loss of polypropylene housing
Optional fittings (AOC union)
Housing main body side Piping side Model number
65A 65A TGT65-65A2
65A 50A TGT65-50A2
65A 40A TGT65-40A2


  • For details on the methods of use, refer to the instruction manual included with the product.
  • The housing may be built to order in terms of shape and size. For details, contact your sales agent.
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement purposes without prior notice.