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FL Cartridge

Best suited for fine particle filtration and sterilization / filtration of gases and various types of chemicals that have increasingly become important in the electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc.


Abundant lineup in terms of pore size, length and shape. The cartridge demonstrates excellent performance in the disinfection and removal of fine particles from non-aqueous systems and gases.

The PTFE membrane filter cartridge is a high performance filter that has been developed for cleaning chemicals, air, gases, etc.
It has excellent chemical resistance and reliably removes fine particles and sterilizes / filters not only acidic and alkaline chemicals but also of photoresists and various types of solvents, etc. In addition, since it is completely hydrophobic, it is also well suited for sterilization / filtration of fermentation air and vent air before supply to a tank or container, as well as sterilization and removal of fine particles from compressed air and various types of gasses.
In addition to its precise filtration performance and high safety, due to abundant variations that can be selected according to purpose, the cartridge demonstrates its performance in various fields that require stringent quality control including the electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.


  • Wide range of applications — The PTFE membrane offers excellent chemical resistance and hydrophobic performance, so the cartridge can be used to clarify, sterilize and filter many chemicals and various types of gasses.
  • Complete retention of microorganisms and fine particles — Due to the extremely well defined pore size distribution and cartridge structure, contaminants are retained in a reliable manner. There is no exfoliation or detachment during use, as well.
  • Inert materials provide high safety — The constituent materials of the cartridge are inert and generate only a small amount of effluent. The materials are also safe from biological aspects and comply with the Japanese pharmacopoeia, USP, ASTM, etc.
  • High quality achieved by stringent quality control — Quality controls are in place through integrity testing that has correlations with the sterilization performance of the indicator bacteria as obtained by validation in Japan and overseas.
  • Abundant variations — The cartridge comes with 0.2 µm pores and is available in 2 types of area that are classified according to the cartridge length (1-stage (S type) and 2-stage (D type)) and 3 shapes (G type / M type / P type). Selection can be made according to each application. (Not available in the 2-stage G type.)


The cartridge can be utilized to filter non-aqueous liquids and gasses in such fields as the electronics industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, medical and chemical industries, food industry, and others.

  • Sterilization / Filtration of fermentation air
  • Sterilization /Filtration of vent air
  • Sterilization / Filtration of compressed air
  • Sterilization / Filtration of filling gases
  • Removal of fine particles and sterilization / filtration of chemicals such as various types of acids, alkalis, etc.
  • Removal of fine particles from various types of gasses
  • Removal of fine particles from photoresists, solvents, etc.


Sterilization / Disinfection treatment

Repeated sterilization / disinfection treatment is enabled.

  • In-line high pressure steam sterilization / 134℃* 20 minutes (except for G type)
  • High pressure steam sterilization / 121℃* 30 minutes
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization


  • * Avoid any abrupt temperature changes.

Table of Performance Characteristics

Item Unit Product type Remarks
Pore size µm 0.2 absolute
Size Length mm - **
Outer diameter mm 71
Maximum pressure difference 20℃ MPa 0.5
80℃ MPa 0.2
134℃ MPa 0.05
Heat resistance MAX℃ 134 (20 minutes)
Biological safety   Compliant ***
Leachability   Compliant ***


  • ** Refer to the “Dimensions of the cartridge.”
  • *** Compliant with the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, Twelfth Edition, Test Methods for Plastic Containers such as USPXXI (Class V) / Standard for Manufacturing Water for Injection and ASTM (E-1)

Structure and materials

A PTFE membrane of excellent strength and a pre-filter support are pleated and integrally bonded by thermal fusion.

[Image] Structure and materials

Initial flow rate and initial pressure loss

[Image] Flow rate characteristics of water / Flow rate characteristics of air

Chemical resistance

The following data have been obtained by checking the filtration performance after 24-hour immersion testing at normal temperature. Please check the chemical compatibility under your conditions before use.

Ο - Acceptable
Δ - Requires confirmation when using it due to swelling, etc.
× - Unacceptable
Main body Sealing material
EPDM Silicone Viton
Hydrocarbon Benzene Ο × × Δ
Gasoline Ο × × Ο
N-hexane Ο × × Ο
Toluene Ο × × Δ
Xylene Ο × × Δ
Halogenated Hydrocarbon Methylene chloride Ο × × Δ
Perchloroethylene Ο × × Ο
Trichloroethane Ο × × Ο
Trichloroethylene × × × Ο
Alcohol Butanol Ο Δ Δ Ο
Ethanol 98% Ο Ο Ο Δ
lsopropanol Ο Ο Ο Ο
Methanol 98% Ο Ο Ο Δ
Methyl acetate Ο Δ × ×
Ketone Acetone Ο Ο × ×
Methyl ethyl ketone Ο Ο × ×
Cyclohexanone Ο Δ × ×
Ester Butyl aetate Ο Ο × ×
Ethyl acetate Ο Δ × ×
Acid Acetic acid 25% Ο Ο Ο Ο
Acetic acid 99.8% Ο Δ Δ ×
Silicon hexafluoride 50% Δ Δ × Ο
Hydrochloric acid 50% Ο Δ × Ο
Hydrochloric acid 37% Ο × × Ο
Hydrofluoric acid 25% Ο Δ × Ο
Hydrofluoric acid 50% Ο × Δ Ο
Nitric acid 25% Ο Ο Δ Ο
Nitric acid 70% Δ × × Ο
Perchloric acid 25% Ο Ο Δ Ο
Phosphoric acid 25% Ο Ο Ο Ο
Phosphoric acid 85% Ο Ο Ο Ο
Sulfuric acid 25% Δ × × Ο
Sulfuric acid 98% Δ × × Ο
Alkali Ammonium hydroxide 30% Ο Ο Ο Δ
Aqueous Solution Hydrogen peroxide 30% Ο Δ Ο Ο
Sodium hypochlorite Ο Ο Ο Δ
Others Ethyl cellosolve Ο Ο × Δ

Dimensions of the cartridge (mm)

Shape Length Overall length dimension
FLCG without packing S (Single) 250
FLCP S (Single) 318
D (Double) 564
FLCM S (Single) 276
D (Double) 532



3 types of shape: G type, M type and P type of differing seal

[Image] Types
Pore size


Precautions for use

  • The O-ring and flat packing should be set in the housing with care so that they are not damaged.
  • Since the PTFE membrane is hydrophobic, when filtering aqueous solutions, wet the membrane with an appropriate organic solvent such as isopropanol before, so that the membrane is affinitive to water.
  • Integrity testing should be carried out after fully wetting the cartridge with an appropriate medium (60% isopropanol, etc.).
  • Although the cartridge is delivered after cleaning and sealing in a clean room, it should be cleaned by flushing prior to use.

Part number and abbreviation

1-stage S type 2-stage D type
Pore size (µm) 0.2 G type FLCG-20S -
M type FLCM-20S FLCM-20D
P type FLCP-20S FLCP-20D