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PPE Cartridge

For prefiltration as well as clarification and filtration of ultra-pure water, various types of solvents, chemicals, process gases, etc.
AstroPore PPE Cartridges meet the needs of a wide range of fields including the chemical industry, electronics industry, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics industries, food industry, and others.


AstroPore PPE Cartridges demonstrate excellent performance in prefiltration, clarification and filtration of aqueous and non-aqueous liquids, and gases.

The AstroPore PPE Cartridge demonstrates excellent prefiltration, clarification and filtration performance.
Made of polypropylene that has excellent chemical resistance, the cartridge demonstrates its power in prefiltration, clarification and filtration targeted at removing not only acids, alkalis and various types of chemicals, photoresists and solvents but also fine particles such as airborne dust, various types of gases, and more.


  • Excellent clarification and filtration — A dense non-woven fabric membrane performs reliable clarification and filtration. Also, since the membrane is made of polypropylene, it demonstrates a high effect in the removal of fine particles in gases as well.
  • Excellent prefiltration — The cartridge fully demonstrates the prefiltration function of the membrane filter by reliably retaining contaminants. It is very effective at prolonging the service life of filtration systems.
  • Excellent chemical resistance — Since all the cartridge materials are made of polypropylene, they have excellent chemical resistance and can be used in acids, alkalis and various types of organic solvents.
  • Inert and safe materials — The filter material and the materials of constituent parts of the cartridge are made of inert materials and produce little effluent, and are safe from a biological viewpoint as well.
  • A wide variety to choose from — A wide variety of shapes are available that fit various types of housings.

Main applications

For prefiltration, clarification and filtration of aqueous and non-aqueous liquids and gases, and for the manufacture and prefiltration of purified water in fields such as the electronics industry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, food industry, and more.

  • Prefiltration, clarification and filtration of various acidic and alkaline chemicals and solvents
  • Prefiltration, clarification and filtration of photoresists, etc.
  • Prefiltration of serum-containing and vaccine media
  • Prefiltration, clarification and filtration of liquid foods
  • Prefiltration and filtration of materials for manufacturing magnetic products
  • Prefiltration of RO/UF/MF for various types of purified water manufacturing equipment
  • Prefiltration, clarification and filtration of fermentation air, vent air, compressed air, and filling gases
  • Filtration of various types of gasses for semiconductor processes (atmospheric gasses, raw material gases, gasses for membrane formation, doping gasses, and etching gasses)
  • Filtration of various types of solutions in plating
  • Filtration of paint, dyes, etc.


Table of Performance Characteristics

Item Unit Type with guard Type without guard (G type only)
PPE004 / PPE005 / PPE01 / PPE03 / PPE10 / PPE30 PPE004 WOG / PPE005 WOG / PPE01 WOG / PPE03 WOG / PPE10 WOG / PPE30 WOG
Size Length mm -*
Outer diameter mm 70
Pressure resistance Positive pressure MPa 25℃: 0.49
80℃: 0.20
Negative pressure MPa 25℃: 0.15
80℃: 0.10
Heat resistance (ΔP=0.20MPa) MAX℃ P, M, MP: 121℃ 30 minutes (autoclave sterilization) ***
G: 80℃ (Please carry out checks prior to extended use.)*4
Range of pH used   1 - 14*5


  • * See dimensions.
  • ** The type without a guard should be used so that no pressure will be applied in the reverse direction.
  • *** For the cartridge fitted with a silicone O-ring: 133℃ 30 minutes (in-line steam sterilization)
  • *4 For G type D (Double) and T (Triple): Max. 70℃

Structure and materials

The cartridge is manufactured by pleating together a non-woven fabric made of PP and netting, and integrating them into the cartridge structure by thermal fusion bonding.
[Example of G type]

[Image] Structure and materials

Example of retention efficiency

Unit: %
  Particle size (µm)
0.4 0.5 1.0 1.5 3.0 5.0 10.0 20.0 30.0
Retention grade PPE004 93.6 95.4 97.7 98.9 - - - - -
PPE005 - 91.5 94.7 98.3 99.9 - - - -
PPE01 - - 89.7 96.1 99.9 - - - -
PPE03 - - 77.2 93.8 98.8 - - - -
PPE10 - - - - 82.4 94.9 99.9 99.9 -
PPE30 - - - - - - 99.3 99.9 99.9
Measuring conditions

Test particle: MR60G
Test fluid turbidity: 200 ppm
Flow rate: 10 L / min
Measuring time: 20 minutes after starting water flow

Initial flow rate and initial pressure loss

[Image] Initial flow rate and initial pressure loss

Resistance recovery characteristics

[Image] Resistance recovery characteristics

Abbreviated product name

[Image] Abbreviated product name

Sterilization / Disinfection treatment

Sterilization/Disinfection treatment can be done repeatedly.

  • Hot water disinfection (However, abrupt temperature changes should be avoided.)
  • Autoclave sterilization (P, M and MP types)
  • In-line steam sterilization (P, M and MP types are fit with a silicone O-ring.)
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization

Chemical resistance

The following data have been obtained by checking the filtration performance after 24-hour immersion testing at normal temperature. Please check the chemical compatibility under your conditions before use.

Ο - Acceptable
Δ - Requires confirmation when using it due to swelling, etc.
× - Unacceptable
Main body Sealing material
EPDM Silicone Viton
Hydrocarbon N-hexane Ο × × Ο
Gasoline Ο × × Ο
Benzene Δ × × Δ
Toluene Ο × × Δ
Xylene Δ × × Δ
Halogenated Hydrocarbon Methylene chloride Δ × × Δ
Trichloroethane Δ × × Ο
Trichloroethylene Δ × × Ο
Perchloroethylene Δ × × Ο
Alcohol Methanol 98% Ο Ο Ο Δ
Ethanol 98% Ο Ο Ο Δ
lsopropanol Ο Ο Ο Ο
Butanol Ο Ο Δ Ο
Ketone Acetone Ο Ο × ×
Methyl ethyl ketone Ο Ο × ×
Cyclohexanone Δ Δ × ×
Ester Methyl acetate Ο Δ × ×
Ethyl acetate Δ Δ × ×
Butyl aetate Ο Ο × ×
Acid Hydrochloric acid 25% Ο Δ × Ο
Hydrochloric acid 37% Ο × × Ο
Sulfuric acid 25% Ο × × Ο
Sulfuric acid 98% Δ × × Ο
Nitric acid 25% Ο Ο Δ Ο
Nitric acid 70% Δ × × Ο
Acetic acid 25% Ο Ο Ο Ο
Acetic acid 99.8% Ο Δ Δ ×
Phosphoric acid 85% Ο Ο Ο Ο
Hydrofluoric acid 25% Ο Δ Ο Ο
Hydrofluoric acid 50% Ο × Δ Ο
Perchloric acid 25% Ο Ο Δ Ο
Hexafluorosilicic acid 50% Δ Δ × Ο
Alkali Aqueous ammonia 30% Ο Ο Δ Δ
Sodium hydroxide 32% Ο Δ Ο Δ
Aqueous solution Hydrogen peroxide 30% Ο Δ Ο Ο
Sodium hypochlorite Ο Ο Ο Δ
Others Ethyl cellosolve Δ Ο × Δ

PPE cartridge dimensions table

Type: S (single)

Type G type*5 P type M type MP type PM type BM type
Length (mm) 250 318 261 312 263 267

Type: D (double)

Type G type*5 P type M type MP type
Length (mm) 500 568 511 562

Type: T (triple)

Type G type*5 P type M type MP type
Length (mm) 750 818 761 812


  • *5 In the case of the cartridge with standard packing

Precautions for use

  • For filtration operation, the cartridge should be used at no more than the specified pressure.
    1. In the positive pressure direction, the cartridge should be used at a differential pressure of 0.49 MPa or less (at normal temperature).
    2. Do not apply pressure in the reverse direction. Exercise sufficient caution especially when using the “without guard” type.
  • For filtration operation, the cartridge should be used at no more than the specified temperature. In the case of use at 80℃, the operation pressure (positive pressure) should be 0.20 MPa or below.
  • All the constituent parts are made of polypropylene and have excellent chemical resistance, but before actual use, the chemical resistance of the cartridge should be checked under the planned conditions of use.
  • After setting the cartridge, the filtration system should be flushed with the proper fluid according to the purpose of use.