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PSS03 Cartridge

The 0.03 µm has been added to the lineup of PSE membranes that have been received favorably because of their high retention performance and long service life.
It demonstrates its power in a line where removal of ultra-fine particles is required.


  • Excellent retention performance — The inner dense layer peculiar to the PSE membrane reliably retains fine particles as small as 0.03 µm.
    [Image] SEM photo of a PSE membrane
  • High flow rate — There is hardly any decline in the flow rate as compared with the conventional 0.05 µm cartridge.
  • Long service life — The structure peculiar to the PSE membrane offers a long service life.

Main applications

Since the cartridge employs a PSE membrane that has been received a favorable reputation, it is best suited for the following lines that require the removal of ultra-fine particles.

  • Final filtration of plating fluids, developers, etc.
  • Filtration of purified water or chemicals for cleaning equipment in wafer manufacturing processes


Table of Performance Characteristics

Item Unit Performance Remarks
Pore size µm 0.03
Size Length mm - *
Outer diameter mm 70  
Maximum differential pressure 25℃ MPa 0.54 (Positive pressure)  
25℃ MPa 0.34 (Negative pressure)  
Heat resistance MAX℃ 90 **
PH area to be used   1 - 14 ***


  • * Refer to the “Dimensions of the cartridge.”
  • ** Continuous operating temperature
  • *** In the case of using the cartridge for chemical fluid filtration, prior evaluation should be carried out under the planned conditions of use.

Initial flow rate and initial pressure loss

[Image] Initial flow rate and initial pressure loss

Dimensions of the cartridge (mm)

Shape Length Overall length
M type S (Single) 264
D (Double) 512
T (Triple) 761
MP type S (Single) 313
D (Double) 561
T (Triple) 810
P type S (Single) 319
D (Double) 568
T (Triple) 816
PM type S (Single) 264
D (Double) 512
T (Triple) 761

Chemical resistance

The following data have been obtained by checking the filtration performance after 24-hour immersion testing at normal temperature. Please check the chemical compatibility under your conditions before use.

Ο - Compatible, × - Incompatible
Classification Chemical name Compatibility
Halogenated HydrocarbonTrichloroethylene×
EtherEthyl ether×
GlycolPropylene glycolΟ
Benzyl alcohol×
EsterEthyl acetate×
OthersNitric acid
(6 mol/L)
Sulfuric acid
(3 mol/L)
Hydrochloric acid
(6 mol/L)
Sodium hydroxide
(6 mol/L)
Aqueous ammonia
(1 mol/L)

Structure and materials

The cartridge contains a PSE membrane that is pleated and integrally molded by thermal fusion bonding with a polypropylene support material. (Example: P type)

[Image] Construction and Materials

Abbreviated product name

[Image] Abbreviated product name