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Leading Digital Colorist Peter Doyle Holds Seminar in Japan (Japan)

FUJIFILM Corporation invited leading digital intermediate (DI) colorist Peter Doyle to give a seminar at Fujifilm's Nishiazabu building in Tokyo on July 6. Doyle spoke on the theme of “The Attractions of Film and Digital Intermediate (DI) Processing in Hollywood Movies” during which he discussed the latest digital grading technologies used in Hollywood movies.

After impressing several film directors and directors of photography with his color management techniques, Doyle has been involved in the production of many well known Hollywood movies including working as creative director and supervising colorist for The Lord of the Rings epic film trilogy. Doyle graded The Golden Compass, which won an Oscar for its visual effects, and most recently worked as Supervising Digital Colorist on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

In his seminar, Doyle used an evaluation chart to explain about state-of-the-art DI technologies used in Hollywood movies and the necessity of recording film to achieve high quality color grading. He also used several of his works, created using Fujifilm's ETERNA-RDI film, to illustrate the attractions of film while also calling attention to points to be aware of.

An audience of over 200 people, including directors of photography, production house and post production company staff, film students and laboratory staff crowded into the seminar room, and by the time the seminar began only standing room was left. After the seminar, Doyle responded to a considerable number of questions, and a large proportion of the audience appeared to be particularly interested in digital recording technologies used in Hollywood movies.

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