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ETERNA Vivid 500 Launched in Moscow (Russia)

On November 12, 2009 Fujifilm Russia, in collaboration with Film-Service, held a seminar and presentation to introduce ETERNA Vivid 500.

The event took place at the premises of well-known Russia Mosfilm studio, a huge concern with 80 years of history, which covers all the processes of film production - from shooting through to post-production.

The special Mosfilm viewing hall, seating 70 persons, was full to capacity. The audience consisted of directors of photography (DOPs), representatives of various Moscow cinema labs and studios, and Mosfilm executives.

The event began with a speech by Shigeru Hirayama, Technical Manager from Fujifilm Europe GmbH. In his presentation he briefed the audience on the main technical features, the product concept and the positioning of ETERNA Vivid 500.

Following this, a demo film from the Fujifilm Ashigara factory was shown, and Fujifilm Russia technical specialist Sergey Rybakov provided explanatory comments. Rybakov drew the attention of the audience to the new, improved and outstanding characteristics of ETERNA Vivid 500. The projection and the helpful comments of the new film’s features proved a great success.

In addition to the Ashigara demo film, Fujifilm Russia decided to provide several sample reels of ETERNA Vivid 500 to Russian DOPs, asking them to shoot some scenes from their movies on this stock. As a result, four DOPs shot 3-4 minute episodes on ETERNA Vivid 500. These episodes were projected after the demo film and were accompanied by comments from the DOPs who shot these episodes. The episodes were extracted from raw movie and were not accompanied by soundtrack, but even this fact played a positive role in the presentation - during projections and accompanying comments from the DOPs, the audience began asking questions about the equipment used, the DOPs’ attitudes to the new stock etc, and the presentation became even more interactive.

After the Russian DOPs finished their presentations, demo films of American DOPs were projected, completing the ETERNA Vivid 500 presentation. The whole presentation was of major interest to the audience, exemplified by the fact that even though the total presentation time was over two hours, not a single person left the viewing hall.

Finally, the audience was invited to a cocktail party organized by Fujifilm, during which the DOPs expressed their congratulations on the new product and thanked Fujifilm for providing them with the opportunity of discovering the new Eterna product in such a detailed and professional way.