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ETERNA Vivid 500 Launching in Paris (France)

On September 24, FUJIFILM France (FFF) organized a major event in Paris to present to the new ETERNA Vivid 500 film to leading directors of photography. This new product was previously launched in Cannes last spring, however, it was decided that it would be necessary to hold another launch in Paris to ensure that as many directors of photography as possible could be reached.

The event took place at the Pierre Cardin Theatre, a renowned theatre situated in the Place de la Concorde in central Paris. Over 280 people attended the launch including directors of photography, photo lab managers, directors and journalists.

The evening began at 8 pm with an introduction from FFF President Renaud Thierry, who welcomed the guests and thanked FFF's partners for their attendance and continued support. FFF was delighted to that so many of its partners were able to attend and provide added impact to the launch.

Partners included:

-AFC - the French Association of Directors of Photography - a major association with a membership of over 110 leading national and international directors of photography.
-CST - an association of professionals from the audiovisual field
-LTC - a famous French photo lab.

After a short introduction, the entire range of film products was introduced along with an explanation of their individual characteristics, and the projection of all demo films took almost an hour. French directors of photography Laurent Brunet, Lubomir Bakchev, Wilfred Sempe, Dominique Bouilleret, Jean-Noël Ferragut, Eric Guichard, and Claire Marin worked on the special demo films for this event. For FFF, it was important to show demonstration films made by FUJIFILM Japan and FUJIFILM USA with a “French touch” to further impress the international panel of directors of photography.

The presentation proceeded with a detailed explanation of the new ETERNA Vivid 500 film. The event was a great success as the presentation was able to provide guests with specific technical and quality information about the new ETERNA film. Guests were also delighted by the demo films and by the detailed explanations of the film characteristics, especially the fine granularity and the deep black hues.

The launch concluded with cocktails to finish the evening, where many guests expressed their appreciation of the detailed explanations of the new ETERNA film's technical qualities.

FFF was delighted to have the opportunity to present its new product, further enhance its image among members of the French film industry and provide a further boost to the dynamic brand of Fujifilm. Since the event, several directors of photography have contacted FFF to inform the company that they have found the new film to be an excellent addition to their existing lineup of photographic films, and FFF is confident that the new ETERNA Vivid 500 will be a favourite among directors of photography for many years to come.