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Fujifilm Image Processing System Products Take Stage at NAB 2013

May 31, 2013

During 4 exciting days in Las Vegas, Fujifilm demonstrated its new groundbreaking color management and class-leading “IS-mini” color management tool, and unveiled several new advanced features to the IS-100 (marketed under the name “CCBOXX” in North America) on-set color grading tool. Famed cinematographer Dean Cundey ASC, also made a special guest appearance speaking to the press and crowds in the large booth. The Image Processing System display area alone attracted around 400 visitors, representing equipment rental houses, post production vendors, cinematographers and digital imaging technicians.

The IS-mini is a small hardware device that takes incoming HD-SDI digital camera moving picture video and converts the color information via two sets of 1D LUTs and 3D LUTs to outputs of both HD-SDI and HDMI connections. Of special interest is the ability of the IS-mini to create profiles for virtually any kind of video monitor, and provide a fully color managed preview for all members of a production team. Repeatedly, Fujifilm was praised for being the first to bring such a simple, yet powerful solution to this long-standing problem of digital acquisition. The IS-mini was also shown in a new networked mode with the IS-100 CCBOXX where it extends CCBOXX's abilities of remote color adjustment to a multitude of cameras at the same time.

One of the new features shown for the CCBOXX itself was the instant colored dailies recording ability by way of the AJA Ki Pro Mini, a compact, tapeless video device that records high-quality files onto CF cards. The Ki Pro Mini can be fully controlled by CCBOXX, and it enables not only automatic recording but also playback and search functions through an iPad™ controller. The announcement by Fujifilm that these two hardware units will now be sold as a single system was heralded by all as a wonderful time-saving and cost-cutting production tool. Further expanding CCBOXX's usefulness was the new color-keying feature for blue/green screen photography that allows the director and cinematographer to clearly preview what the foreground image will look like against a digital background.

In addition to the product demonstrations, Academy Award nominated Dean Cundey, ASC discussed the successful use of the CCBOXX for on-set and post production color for a recently shot feature film called “Something Whispered.” Also present were film producers Michael Goodin and Sheila Rabizadeh. Because the historical movie is set in the mid-1800's, Cundey and the producers found that being able to create looks on-set was a great visual help for the director. In post, the final color grade was then highly influenced by Cundey's on-set visualizations.

Many traditional press outlets as well as on-line writers and bloggers quickly wrote of Fujifilm's success in transforming its many decades of color science knowledge into workable 21st century movie making tools. The Fujifilm engineering team was also approached by several international manufacturers with the intent of incorporating Image Processing System solutions and technologies into their own products.

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