HD ENG / EFP Lenses

FUJIFILM offers a large variety of FUJINON Portable TV lenses, each uniquely suited to every application. From a wide 4.5mm to a telephoto 1140mm focal length, more than 40 original lenses complete our product line. All FUJINON ENG / EFP lenses are designed to fulfill the requirements and aspirations of visual creators.

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Premier Series lenses are designed to complement and enhance the quality of HDTV systems. Great consideration in the design and development of these high-end HD lenses has been taken to incorporate the highest optical and mechanical specifications while ensuring unmatched performance in the most rugged and demanding of production environments.

Select Series lenses are designed to meet the high performance needs of the next generation of costeffective high performance HD camera systems.
Fujifilm's unique Select Series concept for HDTV lenses was directly derived from our high-end Premier Series technology.

eXceed series lenses are designed to compliment a new generation of cost-effective HD camera systems, extracting the most performance with the greatest value.