Download ISMon file


The information and download files on this page were achieved by using the monitor calibration function of the Fujifilm IS-mini Manager. This information will help you understand how the monitor calibration function can match monitors and assist you with choosing monitors. Along with the evaluation graphs, provided are some ISmon files which can be used by IS-mini Manager to send to the IS-mini. We strongly recommend you to procure supported probes (currently i1Pro and PR655) and perform your own monitor calibrations on individual monitors, but these can be used at your own risk. Fujifilm does not guarantee the results achieved by using these files.

Maker Model Monitor Settings Probe Evaluation Result ISMon FIle
TVLogic LQM-171W No Setting Menu PR-655
TVLogic XVM-175W ColorSpace: Native Gamma: 2.4 WhitePoint: D65 PR-655
SONY PVM-2541 Colorspace: off Gamma: 2.4 WhitePoint: D65 i1Pro
DOLBY PRM-4200 ColorSpace: DCI-P3 Gamma: 2.35 WhitePoint: D65 i1Pro
  • * Monitor Settings (Brightness, Contrast, Croma, etc.)are default.