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Activity List

CSR Procurement
Fujifilm Group pursues CSR procurement in partnership with suppliers.
Environmental Labels
In aiming for higher environmental quality in our products, we use environmental labels and disclose relative information.
How Fujifilm responds to customers
Toward Enhancing Customer Satisfaction, Fujifilm conducts CS surveys targeting thouse who have made inquiries to the Customers Communication Center.

For the following activities, please visit the Fujifilm Holdings Corporation website.

Promote Global Warming Countermeasures (Fujifilm Holdings)
Action to curb global warming is being executed from all perspectives to achieve the long-term goal of “reducing CO2 emissions for the entire life cycle by 30% by FY2020.”
Design for Environment (Fujifilm Holdings)
Fujifilm is not only working on the reduction of environmental burdens in the manufacturing processes of its products, but also conducting environmental impact analysis and evaluation across the total product life cycle, for the protection of the global environment.
Promote Resource Recycling (Fujifilm Holdings)
To protect our pool of finite resources and prevent depletion, we are engaged in a variety of programs, including water conservation and water recycling, waste recycling into resources, and reuse.
Biodiversity Conservation (Fujifilm Holdings)
In the drive to avert or minimize the burdens on biodiversity, activities are being implemented on its conservation and sustainable use into the future.
Ensure Product and Chemical Safety (Fujifilm Holdings)
We strictly manage our usage of chemical substances in view of the entire product life cycle, paying close attention to environmental impact and the safety of customers and employees.
Respect for Human Rights (Fujifilm Holdings)
Recognizing that respect for basic human rights is our natural, fundamental responsibility, we state this concept clearly in Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct.
Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources (Fujifilm Holdings)
We have been conducting measures on a Group-wide scale with a worldwide perspective to create and prepare trainings and systems that enable us to identify, develop and promote these talent.
Occupational Health and Safety / Promotion of Health (Fujifilm Holdings)
Founded on the conviction that occupational safety is the fountainhead of business activity, we are working to ensure employee protection by placing top priority on safety, and implementing exhaustive compliance with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety.
Social Contributions (Fujifilm Holdings)
Fujifilm Group contributes to society through its business operations, actively involves itself in local communities, and pursues activities that contribute to the sustainable development of society.
Products and Services which Reflect Our Customers' Views (Fujifilm Holdings)
Valuing the communication with customers at our points of contact, we respond to their voices promptly, accurately and fairly in a sincere manner. Through the complete understanding of customers’ opinions, we make efforts to improve our operation processes.
Previous CSR Activity Report (Overseas) (Fujifilm Holdings)
Specific examples of environmental conservation and social contribution activities conducted by Fujifilm Group companies in Europe, U.S. and China are described.