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Supplier offer or Fujifilm inquiry

Fujifilm is open to all vendors, worldwide; please make contact with one or more of our contact points. If you are new, please send us your corporate profile.

Screening for qualification as a supplier

Screening covers the criteria below:

  1. 1. Supplier's technical and quality control standards, and its reliability on the observance of confidentiality.
  2. 2. Supplier's price level and its terms of payment.
  3. 3. Supply stability and delivery schedule reliability.
  4. 4. Supplier's management policy and future prospects.
  5. 5. Supplier's performance record and reputation.
  6. 6. Supplier's credit rating.
  7. 7. Environmental record.
  8. 8. Considerations such as patents and collaborative research and development.

Examination of products and services

After the screening, we may ask for a detailed offer on a specific item. At this step, we look mainly at the following:

  1. 1. Quality and specifications
  2. 2. Price
  3. 3. Delivery terms
  4. 3. Safety and patents

Sample evaluation

If your offer is favorable, you will be asked to submit samples for evaluation. With certain products, we will first test a small quantity, then a medium quantity, and then a large quantity.

Final Negotiation

If your product or service meets our requirements, we will negotiate specifications (including safety data), price, delivery and other conditions.

Formal Agreement

A contract formalizes agreement on details.

Purchase Order