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Creating an exciting future<br />through innovation.

At Fujifilm, we are continuously innovating—creating new technologies, products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere. Our goal is to empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow’s businesses and lifestyles. The Open Innovation Hub is a place where you and Fujifilm can interact to co-create new value by combining state-of-the-art core technologies developed by Fujifilm that are based on its expertise on photosensitive materials and ongoing projects with your needs and ideas. New value and ideas are created here to contribute to the creation of a better life, society and global environment.

Open Innovation for the Future of Mankind and Society

I am Takahiro Goto, General Manager of the Innovation & Strategy Planning Div. at FUJIFILM Corporation’s Management Planning Headquarters, and Director General of the Open Innovation Hub JAPAN. I hope that we at Fujifilm and our partners continue to make more innovations through collaboration.

Our Open Innovation Hubs are aimed at accelerating open innovation based on the inspirations and ideas our partners obtain through access to our photosensitive materials and other core technologies, ongoing development projects at Fujifilm and new approaches. We insist that the exhibition at our Open Innovation Hubs be about source technologies rather than products and services that have been evaluated in the market. This technology-oriented exhibition is intended to inspire new insights and ideas that would not have been contemplated otherwise, and to expand the possibility of collaborative innovation.

Creation of New Values through Effective Use of New Approaches

The purpose of Fujifilm’s innovation activities is to contribute to a better future for mankind and society. In order to achieve this goal, we at Fujifilm willingly adopt new innovation approaches rather than stick to conventional ones.

One of the new approaches we are adopting is the “backcast approach,” which means that we forecast future changes in society and people’s lifestyles, identify potential issues and set development goals based on them. Most manufacturers have adopted the development and marketing style that proposes new products and services based on the apparent issues in the market or industry and their own technologies. However, since “contribution to the future of mankind and society” is our principle, it is necessary for us to decidedly depart from this conventional approach of forecasting future issues as a mere extension of present activities.

Another approach that we regard as effective as the “backcast approach” is the “design-oriented approach”. Although you may think this refers to the sophistication of product designs, the “design-oriented approach” actually points to the design of accessibility of products and services as well as truly useful values for mankind and society. We start by observing user behaviors and then identify potential needs and issues. After that, we materialize solution ideas in prototypes and quickly conduct verifications and improvements. By repeating this cycle swiftly, we continue to create something valuable from scratch in an efficient manner.

Drive Innovation with Inspirations and Ideas through Collaboration

In order to achieve innovation, a deep understanding of mankind and societies is essential, since cultures, customs, and economic and natural environments vary by country and region, and diverse values exist. I hope that we at Fujifilm can, in cohort with our open innovation partners, promote collaboration by sharing an understanding of global issues faced by mankind and society. Fujifilm has Open Innovation Hubs in the United States (Silicon Valley) and EU (the Netherlands), as well and satellite research and development bases in the UK and Spain. This enables open innovation with consideration for different market environments and local conditions.

Since the time that Fujifilm was on the verge of losing its core business of photographic films, I have been conducting research and development of CTP plate products for print applications and semiconductor materials as the head of a research center, and I have come to realize that collaboration with people who have knowledge and ideas that are different from mine provides great drive to make game-changing innovations in the market and industry. Open Innovation Hubs are the best places for more effective and timely collaboration. Through Open Innovation Hubs, Fujifilm and its partners can have exciting conversations, so let us together create new innovations that change the future of mankind and society.