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instax SQUARE SQ1


Square format

[photo] Row of INSTAX Square film photo prints - various images of young people painting, talking, and decorations

Limitless creativity with the freedom and form of a wider frame.

  • * when compared to an instax mini film (86mm×54mm)

Key features

[photo] 2 INSTAX Square film photo prints in Auto Exposure mode - young girl playing ping pong and friends cheering

Capture bright photos even in dark spaces - no special settings needed.

[photo] INSTAX SQUARE SQ1 Selfie photo of 3 friends taken with Selfie mode and photo of Sunflower captured at close-range of 30 to 50cm

Get perfectly clear selfies with Selfie mode.
Position yourself in the selfie mirror for the best shot!

Selfie mode is also great for close-ups.

Simple operation

[image] Hands holding INSTAX SQUARE SQ1 and twisting lens - Twist to turn camera on and twist again for Selfie Mode

Twist the lens to turn it on.  Twist it again for Selfie mode.


[photo] INSTAX SQUARE SQ1 camera in Chalk White color

Chalk White

[photo] INSTAX SQUARE SQ1 camera in Terracotta Orange color

Terracotta Orange

[photo] INSTAX SQUARE SQ1 camera in Glacier Blue color

Glacier Blue

* Simulated Image. Develops in approx. 90 sec.