Fujivision Digital Signage


How Our Solution Works

Our digital signage solution is simple, yet elegant - no cables or media players!

We believe in streamlining a light weight, scalable, customisable solution that is tailored specifically to the customer’s needs. We employ an award-winning cloud based CMS solution (Signagelive), that delivers content to the most reputable commercial grade screens (Samsung) in the market. We can also support the integration of audience analytics (Quividi) to help you get a better understanding of how effectively your content is performing. In addition, we offer professional installation and regular technical support and software training, to ensure you maximise the return on your investment!

The Fujivision digital signage solution offers you convenient, easy-to-use and immensely powerful features, including:

  • Simple upload of content
  • Content management
  • In-software editing capabilities
  • Media creation with playlists
  • URL loops
  • Access to outsourced channels for additional content— ie weather and news features
  • RSS feed & Ticker services
  • Layout creation within the screen
  • Simple scheduling
  • Audience measurement and analytics (additional service)

Our full end-to-end digital signage solution includes:

  • Customised digital signage solution designed by our industry experts
  • Highly acclaimed software license - Signage Live
  • Commercial grade hardware and fitting - Samsung Australia
  • High grade media player and/or Google Chrome hardware for a powerful, flexible and secure operation
  • Ongoing project management
  • Installation by industry experts
  • Variety of QA, technical, customer support options backed by Fujifilm

Retail Digital Signage Benefits v. Traditional Retail POS

  • Allows for more targeted messaging and content reaching multiple audiences
  • Enhances customer engagement with your products, promotions and brands
  • Content management is more flexible, dynamic and easily managed
  • Creates a more immersive, visual brand experience in store
  • Better ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Ability to understand customers by measuring viewer demographics.
  • Serve tailored messages to the right people at the right time with campaign intelligence

Fujivision Products

Whatever the industry, the effect that digital signs can have on your business model is almost limitless. Ranging from retailershospitals, and educational institutions to hospitalityreal-estate and corporate, the power and possibilities of a cloud-based digital signage solution for visual communications is limited by your imagination.

We have a comprehensive range of digital signage products & solutions that can be specifically tailored & customised to suit your business, industry or marketing objectives. With products ranging from shop-front signs & displays in bright sunlight, to in-store signage and POS, right through to large scale multi-screen video walls & LED formats.

Front of Store Display

Front of store smart screen digital displays are the perfect way to reach customers in high footfall environments. They usually occupy prime shopfront real estate which can be incredibly eye catching and impactful.

Outdoor LED

LED signs are an ideal format for outdoor signage, shopping centres and large footfall areas, as well as larger retail chains, and are quickly becoming popular for advertisers who require large scale formats.

Video Wall

Fujivision video walls are large format, high impact products designed to create stunning visuals to reach out to large audiences. Video walls are ideal for branding, as well as creating an immersive sensory experience for your customers or audience.


Retail advertising through digital signage is an effective way to target your audience, not only will your promotional messages achieve a higher cut through, you will also save money on constantly changing or updating traditional point of purchase material.

Digital Menu Boards

Perfect for cafes, restaurants and medium to large fast food outlets which have large, constantly changing menus, digital menu boards allow for quick updates to menu items and promotional offers.

Office Signage

Digital signage is a perfect way to introduce or represent your business at the point of entry or reception and can be used for branding displays, social media integration, business information updates or simply to point people in the right direction.