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PlateRite 8600NII Series

8-Page Thermal CTP
Versatility and Performance You Need for Your Pressroom

As expected from Screen, the new PlateRite 8600NII series delivers superior imaging precision and reliable operation. Electricity consumption per plate has been further reduced, while meeting the varying throughput and changing quality demands of printing companies. 

  • Capable of imaging 2-up to 8-up plates from 304 x 370 mm to 1160 x 940 mm.
  • Three models available: entry-level PlateRite 8600NII-E (14 plates per hour), mid-range PlateRite 8600NII-S (24 plates per hour) and high-end PlateRite 8600NII-Z (32 plates per hour) 
  • Able to handle plate requirements of sheetfed and web offset presses 
  • Variable range of imaging resolutions 
  • Regular monitoring of production status from a remote location 
  • Available in a variety of scalable configurations ranging from manual to fully automated