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Pressroom Supplies

Fujifilm offers you a comprehensive range of printing supplies developed through their global reach along with the local experience behind the DSC brand/name. We look at the whole process, from pre-press to post-press, rather than just the individual products. We know that print production is a dynamic fusion of different components that have a considerable influence on one another.

Optimise Your Printroom Workflow

Fujifilm offers you the complete range of offset supplies, not just plates and chemicals. This creates a considerable advantage for you as a printer. We look at the whole process, from pre-press to post-press, rather than at just the individual products. We know that all products are interlinked and can have a considerable influence on one another.

It is this in-depth understanding of the complete offset workflow and our long experience which helps us to support you to the fullest. 

Reduced Production Cost

Pressroom chemicals are a minor factor in the total cost of the printed product but they can have a major influence on the final cost, in a negative but also in a positive way.

Our pressroom product range ensures a stable print process and the fastest machine speed thanks to the optimum product mix.

In the end, it is the cost per copy that counts!

Optimised Productivity

A key factor in today's printing industry is to ensure highest possible productivity. Down-time has to be avoided as much as possible.

Trouble-free printing across the complete process, up until the finishing of the printed product. The result is a trouble free process with minimal down-time.

Excellent Print Quality

The basis of the quality of your printed product starts on the plate. If a problem occurs at this point, it is almost impossible to correct it further down the process. Even then, there are other moments in the printing process where the wrong products can destroy the quality. 

Using Fujifilm products in an optimal combination ensures that you get a high-quality print which answers the expectations of your customer. 

At Fujifilm, we care about both; the printing and the finishing!

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Fujifilm offers a wide range of products to reduce environmental footprint. Our range includes non-VOC formulations up to safety label free products. Our solvent-free technologies are available to replace environmental-critical products. 

On top we combine all this with optimised packaging for reduced packaging waste. 

Product Lineup