DSC General Press Chemicals


In addition to supplying the Australasian market with superior fountain solutions and washes, FUJIFILM has a broad range of pressroom consumable products. Through years of laboratory effort, FUJIFILM has created unique products for preventative maintenance applications.  The FUJIFILM approach is ‘problem prevention, rather than problem solution.’

Offset printing is a complex and critical process influenced by many parameters, requiring additional press chemicals to save you time, reduce waste and keep you in control every step of the way. Whatever your requirements, FUJIFILM has all the tools you need to ensure a sharp, economical and ecological print.

  • Plate Care

  • Dampening Roller Washes

  • Roller Maintenance

  • Fount Maintenance

  • Fount Control

  • Ink and Coating  Additives

Unigum, Plate Cleaner Strong, Universal Plate Cleaner, Aqua Gum Washout

Rollermatt NF, Aqua Dampkleen, DLI Wash TS

Euro Decalcer, Euro Degalzer, Euro Clean, RolfinSpezial

Turbo Flush, Turbo Clean, Spike B

ProRun, Condisal

Thinners and wash-ups for screen inks, retarders and reducers