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DSC Silicone

With today’s ever-increasing web widths and speeds, modern heatset presses are expected to produce high-quality printed material at exceptional speeds. Efficiently applying a silicone emulsion following printing and oven drying is a vital step in the heatset offset process.  The print job is almost complete; it is at the final stage, passing through turner bars and into the folder. The web must exit scratch free to obtain an outstanding finished product.

FUJIFILM has developed new technology in silicone emulsions offering all the benefits you are looking for: immediate and even wetting of the print, excellent rub resistance and gloss.  To provide the highest levels of protection, the components in the FUJIFILM range of silicone emulsions have antistatic properties and include polymer additives for the streak-free throughput on paper substrates. FUJIFILM is providing this new range of products to meet the challenge of achieving this perfect finish.

  • Webslip Range      
  • Rollosil Range            
  • Antistatic Agents        

Traditional, tolerant, antistatic
High performance, low scuff, fast
High strength, low viscosity for easy mixing