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DSC Specialty Products

In addition to our many printing products, FUJIFILM has a long history of creating and manufacturing Specialty Products. These include solvent & water based degreasers, concentrated detergents, decontaminants, disinfectants and hand & surface sanitisers. Our existing formulations are available in a range of pack sizes and if we don't have what you're looking for, our team of chemists are available to create something new or improve on existing products.

  • Hygienic Hands
    DSC Hygienic Hands is an effective alcohol based hand sanitiser that has been formulated with efficacy in accordance to the WHO recommendations, with utmost consideration to safety and quality.  It also contains moisturisers to help hydrate hands stripped of natural oils after frequent washing.
  • Safe Touch    
    DSC Safe Touch is a low viscosity, alcohol based, sanitising spray that can be applied onto hard surfaces or via a cloth to various screens to remove bacteria. 
  • Dish washing liquid    
    DSC Dish Washing Liquid is a blend of highly concentrated detergents designed to cut grease and leave dishes sparkling clean.  It contains complexing agents that allow the product to perform well even under hard water conditions, and has a refreshing lemon fragrance.
  • Hard surface cleaner    
    DSC Easywash Degreaser and Easywash Degreaser Concentrate are highly concentrated, water-based, heavy duty cleaners and degreasers.  Both provide fast, effective and economical cleaning in a wide range of applications and can be used neat or diluted
  • Cable lubricant    
    DSC Cable Lubricant is a blend of solvents and surfactants that produces a clear gel that can be applied to cables and wire to reduce friction.  Two grades have different viscosities and levels of slip.
  • Personal Care
    Zeosoft hand cleaners
  • Household Products    
    Laundry liquid, rinse aid, crème cleanser, glass cleaner
  • Industrial & Institutional    
    Cable lubricant, Rust conversion spray