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Print Finishing Consumables


FUJIFILM distribute the Intercol range of adhesives and are a major supplier to the newspaper, heatset, packaging and book binding sectors of the printing industry.  The adhesives are manufactured in Europe and are of outstanding quality.  The range of products that FUJIFILM supplies include:

  •  Fold Glue & Folding Box Glue
  •  Spine Glue
  •  Side Seam Glue
  •  Envelope & Mailing Adhesives
  •  Hot Melt – spine and side seal products are available upon request
Adhesive Range

Fold, Spine, Side-seam, Envelope and more

The appropriate adhesive can be packaged for compatibility with Planatol, Combjet/Optimatic, Baldwin-Cirafotec, Nordsson HHS, Robatech, ValcoCincinnatti, RobundKolbus & STAHL equipment.

Stitching Wire Range

Round, flat, galvanised, coloured 3kg – 250kg

FUJIFILM imports high quality, European made, round and flat stitching wire products from August Overhoff.  Wire is available for offline and inline application.

Strapping Range

PP and PE strapping, many colours, embossed

European made Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PE) strapping from Zargal is also available. Our range are all embossed and available in a range of colours.