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Application examples by industry type

High-function film


This is a collection of examples of highly functional films.
Five examples of Calendar roll, Winding, Molding, Risk assesment of collaborative robots and Blade pressure are posted.

Table of contents

(1) Adjustment of calendar roll pressure balance

Industry: Paper
Challenges: If the left-right pressure balance is poor, drift and quality problems occur.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvement

(2) Measurement of roll product winding pressure distribution

Industry: Functional film, Paper, Coated paper, Functional paper
Challenges: If stress and/or stress distribution during winding is not appropriate, in addition to producing externally visible defects, quality breakdowns and optical distortion defects may occur.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvement

(3) Adjustment of molds and injection molding machines

Industry: Molding, Mold making, Injection molding machine manufacture
Challenges: Excessive contact pressure, the failure of parts to make necessary contact, or the generation of burrs may occur since molds are composed of multiple parts and dimensional errors of each part tend to accumulate in the thickness direction.
Benefits of Prescale: Longer mold life, Higher component yield, Malfunction analysis

(4) Perform appropriate risk assessment for collaborative robot by comparing the pressure value when collision occurs between human with an international standard.

Industry: Electronic components, Automotive, Packaging
Challenges: Need appropriate risk assessment for adopting a new collaborative robot.
Benefits of Prescale: Able to measure pressure and power with high accuracy

(5) Inspection of blade pressure when starting, or  Analysis of blade pressure when uneven coating thickness occurs

Industry: Film
Challenges: Uneven coating thickness occurs due to the variation in blade pressing force.
Benefits of Prescale: Improve quality, Reduce material loss