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The high-throughput FCR reader capable of precise 50µm resolution for mammography with a dual-side reading.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Dual-side reading technology

The Dual-Side Imaging Plate (IP) Reading technology allows the use of a thicker phosphor layer on the transparent base, thereby increasing DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) by collecting the emissions from both sides of the IP.

[image] Layers of Dual-Side Imaging Plate

High-precision Images for various needs

[photo] X-ray images of breast tissue and X-ray of torso and ribcage

As High DQE is realized by the Fujifilm's Dual-side Reading Technology, with its low dose exposure, the FCR PROFECT CS Plus relieve patients' burden during X-ray examinations. Incorporated with the FUJIFILM proprietary image processing technology (Image IntelligenceTM), high resolution image reading with the 20 pixel/mm sampling pitch delivers excellent quality images in versatile diagnosis areas.

For example, they are suitable for diagnosis areas requiring high-quality images even with low dose exposure, such as mammography, pediatrics, follow-ups and tests using a catheter.

A multi-purpose FCR

The FCR Plus series now enables processing of pantomography exposures*1 (15 × 30 cm), in addition to standard and long-view exposures, making a wider range of examinations possible.

  • *1 15 × 30 cm IP needs optional IP Adapter
[photo] Pantomography X-ray image of teeth and dental bones

Enhanced image processing

[logo] Image Intelligence

“Image IntelligenceTM” — a set of sophisticated digital image-processing software technologies available through Fujifilm's Console — processes image data and optimizes final output.

[FNC] Flexible Noise Control

[photo] Reduced noise on x-ray image

Provides a non- grainy image by mainly isolating and suppressing the noise for the signal.

[GPR] Grid Pattern Removal

[photo] X-ray of pelvic region with Grid Pattern removed

Removes the stationary grid patterns thus preventing Moiré from being generated resulting in easier diagnosis.

[MFP*2] Multi-Frequency Processing

[photo] Enhanced X-ray image of spine

Enhances FCR images. All diagnostic scopes will be enhanced except for noise.

[PEM] Pattern Enhancement Processing for Mammography

As an optional software specifically developed for mammographic imaging, PEM enhancement processing improves the conspicuity of micro-calcifications.


  • *2 Optional function for CONSOLE ADVANCE

System configuration

Optimal configurations suited to various applications realize smooth workflow

Mammography QC Program

Fujifilm's Mammography QC Program is a dedicated quality control program applicable to FUJIFILM digital mammography systems. This program enables the system to keep a stable image quality for both screening and diagnosis.

[photo] Mammography QC Program binder, case, etc.

Products Name : FCR PROFECT CS Plus(Model name : CR IR 363)