FUJIFILM Commits Further to Professional Service in Australia

May 30, 2019

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, JUNE 2019 - the FUJINON projector in operation with mounted cine lens.

FUJIFILM is committed to providing value to its customers through innovative products. With a recent acquisition of a purpose-built FUJINON Projector, our commitment to supporting professionals in both cinematography and photography never stops.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, JUNE 2019 - The previous PC based system (left) compared to the new 4K focus chart (right).

With technology rapidly changing, the Australian based Service Centre upgraded its existing PC system to a state-of- the-art 4K projection room. By harnessing this innovation, the team now can visually see any out of focus areas which require micro-adjustment compared to the previous system, which only displayed numbers on a monitor.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, JUNE 2019 - Terry Kasai, Optical Device Technician, Service Centre.

The new projector enables Terry Kasai, FUJIFILM’s Optical Devices Technician to produce accurate visual focus- checking up to 4K quality, ensuring professionals receive the sharpest level of focus from their FUJINON lenses. Combined with a custom lens testing bench and magnetised 5x3 metre wall for focus charts, the new projector enables the Service Department greater efficiency and flexibility than in the past.

                                          SYDNEY AUSTRALIA,JUNE 2019-Terry Kasai adding a FUJINON focus chart to the magnetised wall.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, JUNE 2019 - The specialised 4K projection allows precise visual focus accuracy.

The investment also falls in line with the recent Australian rollout of Fujifilm Professional Services (FPS) plus the announcement of the 100 Megapixel GFX100 Large Format camera and FUJINON’s Large Format Premista Series of lenses as Frank Bite, General Manger, Electronic Imaging, explains

“In addition to our outstanding products it is vital that we offer our customers excellent service, and FPS provides the perfect vehicle to support this. Our Australian based high-level technical expertise delivers a premium service to our end users that adds enormous value and confidence to our brand.”

Now, with an Australian based service centre capable of providing the highest quality of support, FUJINON clients along with FPS members can have faith in the level of expertise and quality they have come to expect.