Instax Photo Album “instax SQUARE Picture Book” wins the Gold Award at the prestigious “Pentawards 2019”

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September 13, 2019

Tokyo, September 13, 2019 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce that the “instax SQUARE Picture Book,” a photo album for the “instax” series of instant cameras that support the Square format prints, has won the Gold Award in the internationally-prestigious package design award “Pentawards 2019” (head office: Brussels, Belgium).

The Pentawards, established in 2007, is an internationally-prestigious award that specifically targets package designs. Each year, an international jury panel consisting of 15 people including prominent designers and experienced design directors examine entries of superior package designs, submitted from around the world, based on judging criteria including design quality, brand expression, creativity and innovation. This year, 58 entries won the Gold Award out of over 2000 entries submitted from around the world (54 countries).

The “instax SQUARE Picture Book,” which received the Gold Award this time, is a photo album in which users can insert Square format instax prints to create an original, one and only photo album. It is designed under a unique concept of creating a photo album that serves as a beautiful package base for instax prints. The award was granted in recognition of the concept and the product’s minimalistic yet elegant design achieved with the use of matte paper texture that creates a premium feel.

In the development of a variety of products and services, Fujifilm pursues functionality and performance while also striving to achieve design that takes maximum advantage of functional excellence. The company achieves designs that not only provide external design aesthetics but also facilitate ease of use and portability, thereby creating new values for each product. Fujifilm will continue to work on developing excellent products, buoyed by the fact that its product has been chosen out of countless entries from around the world to win the Gold Award in Pentawards 2019.

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instax SQUARE Picture Book

[Photo]instax SQUARE Picture Book

This picture book consists of sleeves in which users can insert instax SQUARE prints to create a photo album. Each page has a different monotone background to accentuate the picture, stimulating the imagination of those who see it. It has been designed in a minimalistic and elegant approach that takes advantage of the texture of paper used, and in a way that increases textural beauty, making users develop a sense of attachment every time they take it in their hands. Functionality is also pursued, ensuring that instax prints can be placed in and out of each sleeve smoothly, and that the book would not bulk up and remain visually pleasing when it is closed. This product can broaden the way the users enjoy photography, such as. carrying it around as the portfolio, placing it on display showing the favorite photos, or giving it away as a gift with a personalized message written in blank space.

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