Banner image of TS Series binoculars over collage of ocean and theater


Proven Performance and Image Stabilization

HYPER-CLARITY Series with an above the ground view of the forest and mountains background


Discover what has yet to be seen with hyper-clear field of view

Banner image of Polaris Series binoculars over ocean and sunset picture

FMT Series

The apex of optical performance and durability in Fujinon Binoculars

[photo] MT Series text and an MT Series Binocular with a bird catching a fish from the ocean background

MT Series

The choice of professionals

Banner image of Mariner Series binoculars over image of water

Mariner Series

Quality and afford-ability

Banner image of LB150 Series binoculars over night sky

LB150 Series

Unrivaled optics for those that need more than this world can offer

Banner image of KF Series binoculars over collage of baseball field and bird on the branch

KF Series

The small compact roof prism body structure allows for easy carrying and transporting