FUJIFILM presents innovative solutions at Hospitalar 2019

May 20, 2019

Visitors will be able to discover the latest equipment and systems for the areas of radiology, ultrasound and image management system. Highlight for the launch of FDR Nano, mobile digital X-ray solution

 FUJIFILM, , world leader in the development of solutions for the diagnostic imaging,  will present several innovative products for the healthcare market during  Hospitalar 2019, one of the most important events in the sector,  which will take place  from May 21 to 24, from  11 AM  to  8  PM,  at Expo  Center Norte, in São Paulo/SP. Among the innovations that will be presented during the  event are the  FDR Nano,  a  digital,  mobile  X-ray,  the  DR – FDR  D-EVO II cassette,  the   Synapse  line systems for the medical area, and Fujifilm  SonoSite, which gathers  ultrasound solutions.

“Hospitalar is one of the main meetings of healthcare professionals in Brazil and a highly qualified event, with relevant discussions on challenges, trends and new technologies. For this reason, we consider it strategic to participate in this event  by presenting and  demonstrating  the  most recent  innovations of the company ”, says  Eduardo  Tugas, director of the medical division of FUJIFILM.

Among the highlights of the company this year is the  launch  if the  FDR NANO,  a mobile digital X-ray solution. With unique technologies, it offers more agility and efficiency in both transport and handling. It has an ultralight structure (90kg, 80% reduction compared to the traditional ones), four casters that slide in any direction and rotate on the axis, ideal for bedside and  point-of-care.

It is equipment that has exclusive anti-bacterial coating  Hydro  AG by  FUJIFILM, used for enhanced protection against the proliferation of germs and bacteria, being 100 times more effective than traditional coatings. It also has a smooth surface and no apparent cables,  which  makes cleaning easier.  The batteries used are lithium, which can last up to 12 hours. “This solution promises to change the concept of mobile digital x ray solutions on the market, as it is an agile  and  efficient device. To radiologists, it offers an image quality never before achieved in bed exams,” says  Tugas.

The  FDR Nano  also uses the  Cassete  DR – FDR D-EVO II, another innovation  by  the company that  will be on display at its stand during the event. It is considered the lightest on the market, weighing  2.6 kg, and supports up to 300 kg,  providing ease of handling and workflow. It has  ISS  (Irradiation Side Sampling) technology, which offers high definition images with low radiation doses,  and  images with high contrast in bed exams,  thanks to the exclusive intelligent processing software Virtual Grid,  which simulates the use of diffuser grid, eliminating the effect of secondary radiation. With  Smart Switch technology, exposure detection is done automatically, eliminating any wired connection to the X-ray generator. Its card equipped with internal memory allows storage of up to 100 images. It is waterproof and also features the exclusive  Hydro AG coating. The Fujifilm noise reduction circuit further improves sensitivity in low-density regions, such as the heart and mediastinum.

The SonoSite line, a highly advanced ultrasound equipment portfolio will also be demonstrated during the event. They are:  SonoSite  SII, SonoSite Edge II, SonoSite M Turbo. The  SonoSite  SII  is suitable for  environments with little space and a lot of movement and has the option of a cart with an extra storage drawer. It has a simple, intuitive and intelligent interface,  which adapts to the needs of the image, by means of a capacitive  touchscreen  that presents itself outlined with the appropriate  menu  according to the current function of the system. Quickly exchange between exam types with built-in dual transducer connector. The  SonoSite  Edge II,  on the other hand, was designed to be used  in the most demanding environments. Its edge-sealed keyboard with flat key profile and  snap-dome  technology provides exceptional ease of cleaning and immediate tactile  feedback . The evolution of the SonoSite Edge II system also brings a new borderless glass screen and anti-reflective film for minimal adjustments during viewing, in addition to a more complete cardiac calculations package.

The portable  SonoSite  SII  and SonoSite Edge II  ultrasound are certified by ANVISA. Both have the DirectClear™ feature, a new patented technology that is available on the most powered transducers in point-of-care environments, which increases the performance of the transducer, increasing penetration and contrast resolution.

Another piece of equipment in the line  is the  SonoSite  M-Turbo ultrasound,  which  offers excellent image quality, with high contrast resolution and clear fabric design. It allows the visualization of details, improving the ability to differentiate structures, vessels and pathology. It is indicated for abdominal, nerve, vascular, cardiac, venous access, pelvic and superficial imaging.

In addition to the equipment, FUJIFILM also presents the complete portfolio of image management software, which helps the radiology department, the requesting physician and patients, facilitating access to information and improving workflow, performance and productivity. This is the  Synapse line. Among  the solutions presented  are:  Synapse  3D,  Synapse  VNA,  Synapse  5  and  Synapse Web Portal.

The  Synapse  3D  is  an advanced scanning system that provides the clinician with all the 3D applications  needed to  achieve a faster and more accurate diagnosis. The system  allows stored images to be accessed via mobile devices and shared with professionals from other hospital units. Another highlight  is the  Synapse  VNA, which manages in a single viewer all patient information, DICOM and non-DICOM images, integrated with the specific systems of each department. By operating in a cloud environment,  this  solution  provides  a significant reduction in hardware costs and facilitates doctors' access to patient exam  results  in a single viewer.

Another  innovation in PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)  technology is the  Synapse  5. With advanced architecture and higher speed, it uses less broadband, has enhanced security and savings  with an  improved workflow, which makes it a complete solution for managing images  and  data.  Another novelty of the line  is the  Synapse  Web Portal, a platform that offers radiological exams online.

 FUJIFILM will also demonstrate the  high  end  ELUXEO ™ 7000 endoscopy equipment, which aims to increase the detection rate of early lesions, such as cancers, helping and allowing to identify lesions that would go unnoticed in traditional endoscopes. The images captured in extremely high definition, 1080p –  Full  HD, with 145x optical magnification, is unprecedented in endoscopy and allows images close to microscopic ones, with a prediction of the histological type of the lesion, that is, of the lesion's cellular set. It also has an ecological system with the  Multi Light source of four  LEDs, which provides low energy consumption.

As a trend, FUJIFILM presents at the event the technology  REiLI  - Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, which identifies abnormalities in the images, giving technical advice, as a notification, helping the analysis of the radiologist and, consequently, of the doctor. “ Fujifilm  has developed and improved state-of-the-art image processing technology for the past 70 years. To accelerate the development of AI, the company opened a new center of excellence for research, in which  REiLI was developed, which will drive the new diagnostic flows. This innovation will bring much contribution to the anticipation of diagnoses with anomalies, which can be treated more quickly, saving lives ”, emphasizes  Tugas.

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