Fujifilm  participates for the first time in the Multidisciplinary Singular Pain Sobramid Congress  with ultrasound equipment

September 28, 2018

A pioneer in the development of technology for the health area, the company will highlight the importance of diagnostic imaging in the treatment of different  pathologies

To reinforce its performance in the health area,  Fujifilm, world leader in the development of equipment for diagnostic imaging, debuts its participation in the Singular Multidisciplinary Congress 2018, which takes place from September 19 to 22, at the Hotel Vitória  Concept  Campinas, in Campinas - SP.

On that occasion, the company that is one of the sponsoring companies of the event  will present the line of portable  SonoSite ultrasound equipment, which will be available to visitors throughout the  congress.

Among them, the  SonoSite  Edge II,  is a device that was developed  with a keyboard sealed to the edges, flat key profile and  snap-dome technology,  which  provides ease of cleaning and immediate tactile  feedback . In addition, it has a borderless glass screen and anti-reflective film for minimal adjustments during viewing, making it the ideal option for environments with little space, high brightness and great movement because it has an optional cart that facilitates transport.

To  facilitate the intense workflow,  SonoSite  SII  has a portable system that can be used in different hospital environments, including places with little space  and  also  has  a simple, intuitive and intelligent user interface that adapts to the image needs, through a capacitive  touchscreen . The equipment also has a basket  and  drawer attached  for the storage of items such as medicines, syringes, gloves and other accessories, AC cable fixer to prevent accidental removal and elevated transducer support so that the wires do not touch the floor.

Also  available  is the  SonoSite  X-Porte model,  point-of-care   equipment with  advanced signal processing for high resolution images, 3D clinical guides and  multigesture user interface, which allows the reading of multiple touches,  such as a tablet. The  SonoSite  X-Porte  was  designed to adapt to different environments, facilitating transport in corridors and assisting professionals in carrying out bedside examinations.

The  SonoSite  M-Turbo,  already built in the market, today  with a new  version  of software and hardware,  presents image quality with sharpness and contrast that allows reading with a wealth of details, making it possible  for the professional to differentiate structures, blood vessels, nerves and pathologies quickly. Easy to transport, the equipment is compatible with the DICOM network, ideal for carrying out the most diverse procedures at the bedside, such as: peripheral nerve block, central venous access and hemodynamic assessment of patients.

“It is the first time that  Fujifilm  participates in this important event and it will be a great opportunity for us to share our expertise in the development of solutions for the health area. We want to highlight that, through an accurate diagnosis, it is possible to correctly evaluate and  treat different types of pathologies ”, highlights Eduardo  Tugas, director of the Medical Division of  Fujifilm  Brasil.

About  Fujifilm  Brasil

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