Fujifilm  highlights the importance of imaging tests in the  diagnosis of different pathologies  during Hospitalar  2018

May 23, 2018

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Pioneer in technology for the health area, the company presents integrated solutions for the performance of ultrasound, X-rays and endoscopy

Each year, Fujifilm , a leader in the development of equipment for the health area, invests in new technologies that contribute to the early diagnosis of different pathologies, with the aim of assisting doctors in mapping and choosing the best treatment for the patient. During  its participation in the 25th  edition of Hospitalar, which takes place from May 22 to 25,  at Expo  Center Norte, the company will  exhibit  its portfolio of integrated solutions to achieve a  more  accurate diagnosis, emphasizing the importance of technology in the health area.

“This year is a milestone for   Fujifilm  Brasil,  as  we complete 60 years of history  in the country. We are pioneers in the development of diagnostic imaging technologies and we focus on continuously presenting more and more effective methods to contribute to the health  and well-being of the Brazilian  and worldwide population,” says the director of the Medical Division of  Fujifilm  Brasil,  Eduardo  Tugas.

Leader  in this segment, the  company  launched its first  analog  X -ray  films in 1936, resulting in the formation of the first digital image  in 1983. Over the years, the company  has been investing in new technologies, becoming a  global reference in the development of solutions for diagnostic  imaging. Today  Fujifilm  offers the  health  industry equipment for  Computerized  Radiography  (CR), with scanners for  digital  images;  Digital  Radiography  (DR),  with  portable X-ray  detectors that  provide significant practicality  and reduction of  radiation  doses, and  equipment for  dry printing  clear images  with  high quality .

In Brazil, as the official distributor  of SonoSite equipment,  Fujifilm  will present in this edition of Hospitalar the entire portfolio of  SonoSite portable ultrasound devices, which will compose the portfolio of solutions for the medical area of the company  in the country.

Developed with the state-of-the-art technology, the equipment captures clear images in real time, in a fast and non-invasive manner, and are ideal for fast home care, clinics or hospitals that want to offer complete solutions for conducting image exams, as a complement to a mammogram exams, for example.

 Fujifilm  has a  complete  portfolio of equipment for  mammography exams  with integrated solutions developed especially for women's health. Digital mammography devices  rely on  proprietary technology  and  ergonomic design  that  improve accuracy,  providing  more comfort  for patients  during the  mammography examination.

X-rays, ultrasounds and mammograms, for example, are imaging technologies that assist doctors in making decisions.  Fujifilm’s  Synapse   solutions,  for the  management of digital  images,  which contribute to  the  fast access  to the patient's medical record, have already been  installed  in more than 3,600 hospitals and clinics around the world. The tools to assist the radiology department and the requesting doctor in accessing patient information with advanced applications and 3D and 4D, reconstructions, improvement in the workflow with the automation of the diagnostic path and real-time transmissions for doctors from different locations, through a web browser or mobile device, helping to prepare a diagnosis, these are some of the benefits of this portfolio that was developed to increase the team's performance and productivity.

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About  Fujifilm  Brasil

FUJIFILM do Brasil Ltda, a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation consists of four operating divisions. The Imaging Division offers photographic products and services to customers and companies, such as: photographic paper, digital printing equipment , including maintenance and service, films, instant cameras, digital cameras and an extensive line of lenses and accessories. The Medical Division is a provider of diagnostic imaging products and solutions to meet the needs of healthcare services. The solutions range from digital x-rays,  Synapse® (PACS brand), to advanced digital  mammography systems,  Fujifilm  has products that are ideal for any imaging environment. The Graphics Systems Division offers products and services to the commercial and publishing printing industry, packaging and large format digital printing.  The  Recording Media Division operates with sales operations of data recording media. In 2013,  Fujifilm  surpassed the mark  of 100 million LTO  Ultrium  data tapes manufactured and sold since their introduction, establishing the company's leadership and success as the world's leading data tape manufacturer.

 FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, offers constant innovation and cutting-edge technology in all its products, for a broad range of industries, including: health care through hospital, pharmaceutical and cosmetic systems; graphic systems; high-functionality materials, such as materials for flat screen displays, optical devices, such as lenses for the television and cinematographic sectors; generation of digital images and document creation. All of these resources are guaranteed by a vast  portfolio  of  technologies in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, optics, electronics, software and processes.  At the close of the fiscal year on March 31, 2016, the company reported global turnover results of the order of US $ 22.1 billion, with an exchange rate of 112 yen to the dollar.  Fujifilm  is committed to maintaining the environment and good corporate practices. For more information, visit our website: