FUJIFILM is present at the 5th edition of SOBRAMID

July 2, 2019

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The professionals present at the Congress of the Brazilian Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, in Rio de Janeiro, which takes place from July 3 to 6, will be able to see the demonstrations of the SonoSite Line equipment up close

 FUJIFILM,  the world leader in the development of solutions for the diagnostic imaging, will  participate, in the period from July 3 to 6,  at the Congress  of the Brazilian Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (SOBRAMID), held  at the Hotel Prodigy Santos Dumont,  in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The company will take   the  SonoSite line equipment to the event: SonoSite SII, SonoSite Edge II and  SonoSite M Turbo - ultrasounds of highly advanced technology.

The  Congress, , whose theme this year is  "Expanding the horizons of interventionism in pain",  has a  public composed of doctors from different  disciplines,  who  will be able to check  the complete line of ultrasounds of the Japanese multinational  up close.

This  includes  the  SonoSite  SII. The model of the equipment is  suitable for environments with little space and high movement,  which  has the option of a cart with an extra storage drawer, well in line with the reality of many hospitals and clinics in Brazil.. “The device has a simple, intuitive and intelligent interface, which adapts to the needs of the image, by means of a capacitive  touchscreen  that presents itself outlined with the appropriate menu according to the current function of the system. It makes quick interchange between the types of examinations with a built-in double transducer connector ”, describes  Eduardo  Tugas , director of the medical division of FUJIFILM.

The  SonoSite  Edge II,  in turn,  was designed to be used in the  most demanding environments. Its edge-sealed keyboard, with flat key profile and  snap-dome  technologies, provides exceptional ease for cleaning and immediate tactile  feedback . The evolution of the SonoSite Edge II system also brings a new borderless glass screen and anti-reflective film for minimal adjustments during viewing, in addition to a more complete cardiac calculations package.

The portable  SonoSite  SII  and  SonoSite  Edge II  ultrasound equipment has the  DirectClear™ feature, a new patented technology that is available in the most activated transducers in  point-of-care environments, which increases the performance of the transducer, increasing the penetration and contrast resolution.

Another equipment of the line that  FUJIFILM will take to the Congress  is the  SonoSite  M-Turbo  ultrasound, which offers an excellent image quality, with high contrast resolution and clear tissue alignment. It allows for the visualization of details, improving the ability to differentiate structures, vessels and pathology. It is indicated for abdominal, nerve, vascular, cardiac, venous access, pelvic and superficial imaging.

According to  Tugas, the participation of FUJIFILM in the event is strategic, since the portfolio of the  SonoSite  line perfectly adapts to the needs of professionals  in the medical field, providing  agility and practicality, with a superior quality. “When a patient feels pain, it is essential to have an accurate diagnosis in order to offer the best treatment. The ultrasound equipment of the FUJIFILM  Sonosite  line  is extremely accurate, mainly in the visualization of the abdominal, cardiac and  member   areas,” he adds.

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