For the third consecutive year,  Fujifilm  promotes a mammography task force in partnership with clinics and laboratories during Pink October

October 1, 2018

The goal for this year is to serve more than 1700 women in different Brazilian states

Three years ago,  Fujifilm  started the Mutirão da Mama, a campaign that has already benefited   2400 women in several states in Brazil. The main objective of this action is to contribute to the reduction of waiting lines and facilitate access to the mammography exam for women who cannot wait that long and need to carry out the preventive exam.

A pioneer in the development of equipment for digitization and imaging diagnostics, the company that completed  60 years in 2018  in the country,  will carry out another edition of the action in partnership with 15 clinics and laboratories that own  Amulet Mammographs, from  Fujifilm,  in the month of Pink October.

During the  Mutirão, the projection is  for  nearly   1700  women to have a mammogram exam free of charge and, in case of a suspicious diagnosis, the patient will be referred for treatment in the public health system. To take the exam,  it will be necessary to make an appointment at the participating clinics and laboratories,  since the quantity will be limited,  present an identification document and the medical request.

Care for women's health is something  that  has always been present in the company. In addition to Brazil, Fujifilm also promotes several actions during Pink October in countries such as Japan and the United States, for example. One of the solutions developed by the company for the health area is   Amulet  Innovality, a latest generation  digital mammograph  created with the exclusive  Harmony concept, composed  of  3  items:  flexible compression paddle*,  decorative adhesives and indirect lighting,  which  contribute to  the most pleasant  and humanized environment,  minimizing   discomfort,  the  stress and the anxiety  of the patients  during the exam.

Present  in more than 20 countries,  FUJIFILM constantly invests  in innovation and research, always based on the existing technology in photographic films. Throughout its 84 years, the company continues to develop efficient solutions for different business fronts with the objective of contributing to the well-being of society and preservation of the environment.

“It is with great satisfaction that we have carried out another edition of this campaign that aims to contribute to the screening of breast cancer for people with difficult access to mammography. This initiative meets the mission of Fujifilm to improve the quality of life of people worldwide,” comments Eduardo Tugas, director of the Medical Division at Fujifilm Brasil.

More information about the campaign will be available on the social networks of  Fujifim  Brasil, starting October 1st.

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