FUJIFILM, world leader in the development of imaging solutions, completes 60 years of history in  Brazil

September 28, 2018

With operations on different business fronts, the company with a global turnover of US$ 23 billion, celebrates its trajectory in the country and announces news for the second half of 2018

Innovation and technology are part of the FUJIFILM’s DNA, a leading company in the development of image solutions, which completes 60 years of  activities in  Brazil. Everyone knows it for its performance in the photographic area,  perhaps unaware   that  it was through it that the company started to operate  with products and services on the most diverse business fronts, from health care to filter for beer production.

In 1958, the first subsidiary outside Japan arrived in the  country , bringing all the expertise of an already consolidated company to the other side of the world. In the following years, it  presented innovative solutions  that  contributed  to the development and growth  of the company  in  Brazil , and where from the very beginning,  it saw great potential.

Today,  Fujifilm  Brasil is considered one of the main  players  when it comes to diagnostic imaging solutions for the health area, a division that  accounts for a significant share of the company's  turnover in the  country. In the  image&print segment, the  Instax  line won over the Brazilian public and is a selling success mainly among young people, in addition to its strong presence in the professional photographic market. The company also operates in the printing industry with large format printers and inputs, developing new business in Brazil with tapes for data storage, measuring films and micro filters for industrial use, in addition to having a strong presence with optical devices, including cinematography. .

For  Shin  Tagawa, president of  Fujifilm  Brasil, 2018 is a year of great importance for the company and its employees. “Over the years, a lot has changed at  Fujifilm, but the essence of the ability to innovate remains the same. We will continue to invest more and more in this country that welcomed us with open arms, always bringing new technologies and solutions to facilitate, entertain and contribute to the daily lives of the Brazilian population,” says the executive.

An important milestone for the company  will be the relaunch of the X Series, a line of compact and interchangeable professional  mirrorless  digital cameras, which will be sold again in Brazil in the second semester. For fans of the  Instax brand, the Square SQ6, a camera that prints the photo in the square format,  developed with an  elegant and differentiated design,  will be available for  sale in the same period.

Another new feature is the  Kiosk  Express, a simpler, faster and more intuitive photo printing  kiosk  model, which was developed with user friendly software to make printing easier, making it more accessible. With a compact structure, the equipment can be placed in coffee shops, stores of different consumption segments, allowing the customer to print his photographs, quickly and practically, while remaining,  and therefore, consuming  at the  site.

A primary resource used by brands to attract consumers is  packaging, which regardless of design, is also responsible for driving product sales. To contribute to this purpose, the  company  has the most advanced and ecological solutions for large format printing, flexography and offset plates for the printing industry.

FUJIFILM Brasil has also stood out with media operations for LTO Ultrium data storage from the most modern high-performance tape backup cartridges to intelligent Data Center services, in order to meet the growing demands for large-scale storage and medium-range data protection for enterprise-class server environments.

With innovative technology,  Fujifilm's Optical Systems area, which is also a success in Brazil,  develops lenses for cameras, cell phones, binoculars, medical devices, as well as advanced correction and coating techniques to improve image quality in photos, films and TV .

During the commemorative year,  Ken Sugiyama,  President of  FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation and President & CEO of FUJIFILM North America ,  will come  to Brazil to  reward  employees  who contributed to the expansion and development of the company in an  exclusive event.

The  company predicts growth, with investment in the medical, image and new business areas until March 2019,  the  closing period of the fiscal year.

About  Fujifilm Brasil

FUJIFILM do Brasil Ltda, a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation consists of four operating divisions. The Imaging Division offers photographic products and services to customers and companies, such as: photographic paper, digital printing equipment , including maintenance and service, films, instant cameras, digital cameras and an extensive line of lenses and accessories. The Medical Division is a provider of diagnostic imaging products and solutions to meet the needs of healthcare services. The solutions range from digital x-rays,  Synapse®  (PACS brand), to advanced digital mammography systems,  Fujifilm  has products that are ideal for any imaging environment. The Graphics Systems Division offers products and services to the commercial and publishing printing industry, packaging and large format digital printing.  The  Recording Media Division operates with sales operations of data recording media. In 2013,  Fujifilm  surpassed the milestone of 100 million LTO  Ultrium  data tapes manufactured and sold since their introduction, establishing the company's leadership and success as the world's leading data tape manufacturer.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, offers constant innovation and cutting-edge technology in all its products, for a broad range of industries, including: health care through hospital, pharmaceutical and cosmetic systems; graphic systems; high-functionality materials, such as materials for flat screen displays, optical devices, such as lenses for the television and cinematographic sectors; generation of digital images and document creation. All of these resources are guaranteed by a vast portfolio of  technologies in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, optics, electronics, software and processes. At the close of the fiscal year on March 31, 2018, the company presented  global turnover results of the order of $ 23 billion, with an  exchange rate of 106 yen to the dollar.  Fujifilm  is committed to maintaining the environment and good corporate practices. For more information, visit our  website: