Fujifilm  takes its  SonoSite  portfolio to  ABRAMEDE 2018 -  VI Brazilian Congress of Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine

September 28, 2018

Point-of-car equipment  has an intuitive  interface  and  it  is  an option for doctors of various specialties

Following the guidelines of offering innovative solutions for the healthcare area and  meeting the different needs of the sector,  Fujifilm, world leader in the development of equipment for diagnostic imaging, participates for the first time in the VI Brazilian Congress of Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, which will be held between September 25 to 28, 2018, at the Ceará Events Center, in Fortaleza (CE).

The  company,  which is one of the  sponsors of the event,  will  exhibit the  entire line of  SonoSite  portable ultrasound equipment, which have been designed to meet the needs of the  bedridden  patient and help  to achieve  clinical diagnosis with effectiveness and  precision. The brand's equipment has an  intuitive system as a differential, which contributes to the performance of exams  with the reproduction of  clear images, in addition to  durability, since they have been  developed with resistant material, capable of serving patients anywhere, regardless of the environment and climatic condition.

“The  SonoSite  line is an option for doctors who need agility during care, especially in cases of  bedridden patients. During our participation  in the event , we will  demonstrate, in practice, the effectiveness  of   SonoSite  equipment and how it can contribute to the achievement of an accurate  diagnosis , crucial for the  treatment of the  patient,” highlights Eduardo  Tugas, director of the Medical Division of  Fujifilm  Brasil.

For more than 20 years on the market, the  SonoSite  portfolio contains different equipment  that  suits  the most varied medical segments, such as  anesthesiology, cardiology, intensive care, emergency medicine, nursing, orthopedics and others.

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