Fujifilm X Series: X-T4 is launched worldwide

April 26, 2020

New model is part of the X Series line and features a  mirrorless  camera capable of satisfying the  creative desire of all professionals

A  world  leader in image and information,  Fujifilm Corporation announces the launch of the  X-T4, the  latest  model  in the  X Series mirrorless digital camera line. Expected to arrive in Brazil in mid-April, the  X-T4  will be launched  worldwide  on the 26th of February.

The equipment  is the culmination of the X Series line, and offers the highest  performance  for  large video productions and  for photography as well. The  X-T4  is the first model in the X-T Series to feature image  stabilization  in the camera body (IBIS structure), dramatically increasing the camera's potential for  video production and photography. The technology is impactful in night or action photographs, such as sports, and also in video recording in situations prone to camera shaking.

The new IBIS structure uses magnetic force instead of springs, which increases functionality, making it approximately 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the X-H1 image stabilization unit. The standalone video mode is now activated with a simple button, which in addition to the use of image stabilization, makes the click much smoother.

A new fast, durable and quiet shutter has been developed. Combined with the performance of the autofocus, even faster than that of the other cameras in the line thanks to the new algorithm developed, the  X-T4  allows the capture of decisive and previously impossible moments.

The  X-T4 is an incredible imaging tool, and has a compact and lightweight structure, which is the core philosophy of the entire X series.

New  powerful devices

Thanks to the new IBIS structure, the  X-T4 provides 6.5 image stabilization of  5  axes when used with 18 of the 29 XF/XC lenses, depending on the  use of  new materials for the base part,  of the  refined layout of the newly developed gyroscopic trigger absorption structure and  of the  sensors , which  have  approximately 8 times the detection  accuracy of the IBIS unit on the X-H1

The X-T4 is also equipped with an ultra-fast focal plane trigger. Thanks to the newly developed high-torque wireless DC motor, the  trigger has a capacity of up to 15fps, being the fastest in the world in burst mode *, and it has an advanced response performance with a delay of just 0.035 seconds on  release

The  new  NP-W235  battery  of the X-T4 has a large capacity: it is approximately 1.5 times larger than an NP-W126S battery. It lasts approximately 500 frames per charge in Normal mode, approximately 600 frames per charge in Economy mode and up to 1,700 frames when two additional batteries are used with the optional "VG-XT4" battery clip ***.

Exclusive color reproduction technology

The X-T4 camera features the "ETERNA Bleach Bypass", a new "Film Simulation" mode that uses FUJIFILM's exclusive technology to provide versatile color tones. The new mode simulates the "bleach bypass", a traditional silver halide film processing technique, creating images with low saturation and high contrast for a special atmosphere.

Capture everything

In addition to the faster burst shooting, the X-T4 offers a continuous 8fps shot in visualization while using the mechanical trigger, and 30fps without blackout as an electronic trigger. In addition, the eyecup now has a locking mechanism to prevent breakage or displacement.

The  1.62 thousand-point variable-angle LCD monitor allows for more creative and versatile shooting styles. The  LCD/EVF can be configured in three different ways: “Low Light Priority”,  which allows you to clearly see the object in low light,  “Resolution Priority”,  which shows even the fine details of your object,  and  “Frame Rate Priority”  (only EVF),  which minimizes the blur in the viewfinder when photographing a moving object.

High Performance

The  processing capacity of the phase detection AF and the new algorithm led to an autofocus performance of 0.02 seconds. This ensures that you can capture and track a moving object at high speed  with perfection. The success rate of the tracking performance was doubled compared to the X-T3, which made focusing and capturing portraits even easier.

Professional video functions

The X-T4 camera is capable of recording high-speed Full HD video at 240P, producing up to 10x the slow motion effect. The  "Image Stabilization Boost" mode attenuates the camera's smooth vibrations, allowing stabilized fixed-point video recording without a tripod.

On the other hand, the  adjustment of the  MIC  jack on the camera can be switched by adjusting the input level between MIC level and LINE level. The camera supports external microphones, as well as LINE level input from external audio equipment.

New  “NP-W235” Battery

The large capacity “NP-W235” battery is 1.5 times more powerful than an NP-W126S battery, lasts about 500 frames per charge in Normal mode, 600 frames in Economy mode and up to 1,700 frames continuously if combined with the Optional battery GRIP "VG-XT4" that supports 2 more batteries.

* When using the mechanical trigger. Among mirrorless digital cameras, equipped with the APS-C sensors or higher, according to FUJIFILM data.

** According to FUJIFILM internal tests.

*** All frame numbers per charge are based on the JPEG format and using only the LCD monitor.

About  Fujifilm  Brasil

FUJIFILM do Brasil Ltda, A subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation consists of five operating divisions. The Imaging Division offers photographic products and services to customers and companies, such as photo paper, digital printing equipment , including maintenance and service, films and instant cameras. The Electronic Imaging Division, through its digital cameras and an extensive line of lenses, makes you fall in love with photography again. The Medical Division is a supplier of diagnostic imaging products and solutions to meet the needs of healthcare services. The solutions range from digital X-ray equipment,  Synapse® (PACS brand), biochemical analyzer to advanced  digital mammography systems.  Fujifilm  has products that are ideal for any imaging environment. The Graphics Systems Division offers products and services to the commercial and publishing printing industry, packaging and large format digital printing.  The Optics Division offers lenses for TV, Cinema and broadcast production. The New Business Development Division operates with sales operations of data recording media and has  consolidated itself as a world leader in the manufacture of data storage tape, in addition to offering solutions for the industry such as Prescale, a pressure distribution measurement film widely used in the automobile industry and filters used in the manufacture of beers and wines. 

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, offers constant innovation and cutting-edge technology in all its products, for a broad range of industries, including: health care through hospital, pharmaceutical and cosmetic systems; graphic systems; high functional materials, such as materials for flat screen displays, optical devices, such as lenses for the television and cinematographic sectors; generation of digital images and document creation. All of these resources are guaranteed by a vast portfolio of  technologies in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, optics, electronics, software and processes. At the close of the fiscal year on March 31, 2019, the company presented global turnover  results of the order of US $ 22 billion, with an  exchange rate of 111 yen to the dollar.  Fujifilm  is committed to maintaining the environment and good corporate practices. In 2019, it won the  Good Design Awards 2019, organized by the  Japan Institute of Design Promotion, in Tokyo, Japan, with 32 products from lines such as  instax  mini Link and mini  LiPlay.

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