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[image] FDR D-EVO II G35 in grey and a Console Advance displaying what the captured image

Use with a high-sensitivity digital radiography (DR) system to take low-dose high-resolution images.

Using the FDR D-EVO II with the Console Advance image-processing unit enables low-dose, high-resolution imaging. This system offers even higher-resolution images thanks to Virtual Grid image-processing technology and Dynamic Visualization II.

Digital Radiography: FDR D-EVO II

[image] Comparison of conventional methods of conducting x-rays vs a ISS system reaching technology

Higher sensitivity achieved by advanced reading technology “ISS system”

A combination of a columnar crystal CsI scintillator** with Fujifilm’s “ISS system” enables the suppression of energy attenuation and light scattering and achieves higher resolution imaging at low X-ray doses, leading to the level of DQE 54% (approx. 1Lp/mm, 1mR) and MTF 80% (approx. 1Lp/mm, 1mR).

** CsI series

[photo] Close up shot of a circuit board with a Fujifilm print in white

Fujifilm noise reduction circuit improves sensitivity in high absorption regions

Fujifilm noise-reduction circuit enables the noise reduction of the image, improves the granularity of low-density regions, and achieves high image quality.

Image Processing Technology: Virtual Grid

[logo] Virtual Grid in blue

Provides a high-contrast image without using a grid

Virtual Grid is an image processing software that corrects for the effects of scatter radiation that otherwise reduce image contrast and clarity. Without the need for an anti-scatter grid, this software quickly creates high quality images.

[image] No Grid vs Virtual Grid x-ray comparison
[image] 4 x-ray Grid comparisons 1:1, 6:1, 8:1, 20:1

Image Processing Technology: Dynamic Visualization II

[logo] Dynamic Visualization II in blue

Optimizes image quality using advanced exposure recognition algorithms

Advanced recognition algorithms automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on calculation of estimated 3D image data. (Option)

[image] 2 x-ray comparisons of Conventional Processing vs Dynamic Visualization II