FUJIFILM Professional Services

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Professional Service includes:

  • 1 Year FPS Membership1
  • 4 FREE GFX Body "Check & Clean" per year2
  • 30% off any GFX non-warranty repairs per year3
  • 2 Business Day turnaround for any repair or Loaner provided4
  • FREE 2-day express shipping to and from FUJIFILM CANADA repair centre5
  • Similar coverage while working on assignment in the US should you require service or loaner

Available for $649 per year, plus taxes

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Call: 1-800-461-0416 or Fill out this form:

  1. Your membership will be for 1 full year from the time we receive your approved application. Minimum 1 GFX Body and GF lens required per FPS Membership. NOTE: Products must have been registered with FUJIFILM North America Corporation at within 30 days of original purchase date to be eligible. Your membership will NOT auto renew and we will contact you 30 days prior to expiry to confirm your renewal.
  2. Guaranteed 2 Business Day turnaround on GFX Body Check & cleans once product is received at FUJIFILM’s repair centre (see point 5) Any subsequent "Check & Clean" will be billed at 50% off (Approx. $40 CDN). Product dropped off at retailers will take longer.
  3. Discount is only applicable to GFX Body and GF Lenses and includes labour & parts before taxes
  4. FUJIFILM will strive to ensure 2 business day turnaround for any repairs for GFX Bodies or GF Lenses once product is received at FUJIFILM’s repair centre (see point 5). If longer than 2 business days, a GFX loaner will be provided pending available inventory. FUJIFILM will keep a fairly large pool of loaners for this service but cannot guarantee 100%. Member must provide proof of shipment before repaired camera is shipped. Total time from shipping from customer to FUJIFILM and back may be up to 10 Business days depending on repair and parts required.
  5. Two-day express shipping included at no charge from customer ship point to FUJIFILM Repair Centre at 600 Suffolk Court, Mississauga ON L5R 4G4 1-800-461-0416. Service hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm (EST). Member must call the phone number above to obtain a Purolator waybill that will be emailed for customer to print.