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[photo] FDR D-EVO GL long-length flat panel detector with image of lower limbs



A long-length flat panel detector for the entire lower limb or vertebral column with a single exposure.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

[photo] FDR D-EVO GL long-length flat panel detector with image of lower limbs

This long-view single exposure detector ensures consistent, easy patient positioning and repeatable image acquisition, reducing exam discomfort for a better patient experience.

FDR D-EVO GL is 17x49 inches, expanding the traditional 14 inch CR long length field of view by 3 full inches to better accommodate a variety of patient sizes and help prevent retakes due to anatomy cut off.

Compared to multi-exposure DR, FDR D-EVO GL enhances the workflow of long-view radiography by capturing the entire image in a single exposure in just a few seconds, reducing the chance for patient motion-induced artifacts and time for the patient to remain still.


  • Single exposure capture and reduced acquisition time compared to multi-exposure DR
  • Increased patient safety and comfort through faster exam completion and lower dose

FDR D-EVO GL improves the efficiency of long-view exams, reducing exam times for the patient.

[photo] FDR D-EVO GL exam on person, using only one exposure

Long-view radiography on DR systems traditionally requires multiple exposures, dramatically increasing the time the patient must hold still compared to CR systems. Using one exposure with the FDR D-EVO GL reduces time for the patient to remain steady; making the examination less susceptible to patient movement artifacts.

Products Name : FDR D-EVO GL(Model name : DR-ID 1300)