FDR-flex with FDR D-EVO II


Go digital with the FDR-flex mobile kit! 

The FDR-flex mobile kit easily turns an analog system into a DR solution in seconds. It is great for use in hospitals, clinics and remote medical environments. FDR-flex can also serve as reliable backup.

FDR-flex mobile kit brings high quality digital imaging to any clinical setting!

The FDR-flex mobile kit is compact enough to be carried to patients anywhere in the hospital who need exams, and flexible enough to turn any analog X-ray system into a complete DR solution instantly. No wired connection to the x-ray system is needed!

  • Completely portable: so compact and lightweight it can be hand-carried by one technologist
  • Can only be used with our new lightweight and durable FDR D-EVO II detectors
  • Completely wireless, battery powered
  • Automatically senses x-ray exposure
  • Fast and easy to use: image previews display in just 1-2 seconds, significantly minimizing wait time for the patient and increasing workflow efficiency for the technologist
  • Enhanced function of the FDX Console with an easy customizable user interface
  • Fujifilm's proprietary technology, ISS technology and Virtual Grid™ (option), guarantee high image quality with low dose