FDR Xair


FDR Xair is FUJIFILM’s first portable X-ray unit with a lightweight and compact design.

Providing the FDR Xair to Stop TB Partnership (STBP)

At the seventh Congress of African Development, TICAD 7 held in Japan in August 2019, the FDR Xair was highly evaluated by government leaders and international organizations for its excellent portability to be used in the X-ray examination for mobile medical services. Fujifilm started to provide “FDR Xair” to the organization “Stop TB Partnership” for their study to control tuberculosis (TB) mainly in Asia and African regions. With the support of STBP, Pakistani NGO, “DOPASI” has started a TB screening trial using the FDR Xair in 2020. In a joint effort to “End TB”, Fujifilm and STBP will continue to support the expansion of TB screening using the FDR Xair, utilizing resources from the Global Fund and other organizations.

This is a collaboration of DOPASI and Fujifilm with support of Stop TB Partnership. Photo credit: "DOPASI"

Glimpses of the excitement and screening of Dopasi’s staff using Fujifilm Xair, a portable digital Xray equipped with artificial intelligence to be used for TB screening in the Pakistan under Stop TB Partnership's TB Reach Initiative.