Toner Digital Press

Revoria Press EC1100

The New Revoria Series.

Versatile media handling for a wide range of applications with faster printing and minimal downtime to help expand your business.

Revoria Press EC1100 optimally supports a wide range of application and creative finishing versatility, delivering quality image resolution at faster printing speeds, producing improved picture vibrancy, smooth gradation and sharper text.
In addition to its attractive finishing features, the printer is also able to handle long paper and heavyweight paper.

  1. Envelope
  2. Heavyweight (400 gsm)
  3. Long paper (864 mm) 2 sided
  4. Full Bleed Trim
  5. Ticket
  6. Postcard
  7. Business Card
  8. Long Paper (1,200 mm)

Note: Samples in this catalog include those that require separate finishing.