XMF ColorPath


XMF ColorPath is a cloud-based system hosted by Fujifilm that turns advanced colour management into a reliable and consistent process.

Cloud-based colour management for offset and digital printing 

Fujifilm’s cloud-based total colour management system allows printers to create colour profiles and calibrations to print to various standards, and provides tools to ensure that over time the standards are continually adhered to.  

Colour management in the cloud

ColorPath SYNC is cutting edge cloud based technology. Any web-connected computer can become a ColorPath SYNC portal. ColorPath SYNC connects directly to a spectrophotometer without the need for an additional application. Being a cloud-based application, ColorPath SYNC is always up to date and there is no requirement for cumbersome dongles or servers to be maintained.

ColorPath® SYNC™ Align

ColorPath SYNC Align quickly creates optimised ISO & G7 alignment curves. These curves can be imported directly into most workflows, requiring no manual data inputs. It has the ability to work with smaller colour patch charts which cut measuring time drastically. ColorPath’s cloud-based servers enable quick re-targeting for multiple print conditions, reducing the number of iterations required to optimise a desired press curve.

Create optimised G7 & ISO alignment curves
Quick re-targeting for multiple print conditions

ColorPath® SYNC™ DLP

The ideal solution for proofers and digital presses, ColorPath SYNC DLP creates high quality, optimised, colour-managed device link profiles that plug into the existing workflow. This method of colour management ensures files are not reprocessed outside of the workflow, eliminating problems with document degradation. It has intelligent presets unique to each device it supports, eliminating the need for an operator to remember complex colour settings. It can be used to align devices to industry standards and print specifications such as ISO, FOGRA, GRACoL and SWOP. The ability to work with smaller colour patch charts drastically cuts measuring time.

Colour manage proofers and digital presses
High quality optimised device link profiles

ColorPath® Validation solution

ColorPath Validation offers the ability to determine if a colour managed device is still within tolerance of the desired target. ColorPath Validation uses a small chart that is quickly measured to provide a simple pass/fail reading. Validation readings can be output to a label indicating the results of the measurement. ColorPath Validation is fully integrated with ColorPath SYNC DLP for ease of use, and for reducing operator error. If measurements are out of tolerance, ColorPath SYNC DLP can quickly be launched to re-profile the device. Since ColorPath Validation Tools are cloud-based, measurements can be read and reviewed from any web-connected computer. Validation reports can be output to view details of individual measurements, or to track measurements over time. 

Pass/Fail validation for industry targets 
Fully Integrated with ColorPath SYNC DLP

ColorPath® SYNC™ Ink Optimisation (IO) 

Ink optimisation can enhance and improve an already successful process colour print manufacturing process. Not only does ColorPath SYNC IO reduce ink usage, but it can also improve print consistency and stabilize print runs. These features can help improve make-ready time and reduce waste. ColorPath SYNC IO also improves grey balance which is a perfect fit for printers that have, or are looking to G7- align their presses. The ink reduction that occurs using ColorPath SYNC IO reduces ink offsetting and drying times whilst maintaining quality at higher run speeds.

Fully customisable solution

With the array of solutions ColorPath SYNC offers, a bundle can be completely customized to fit the individual needs of the printing operation. Bundling ColorPath SYNC Align and SYNC DLP can enable the flexibility of load balancing between digital and offset equipment to produce tightly-aligned colour output. - Ink optimisation for the press room. 

Improves print consistency and grey balance