ECHELON™ Smart Plus

High image quality and quiet performance combined with speed.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Auto Exam*1

Positioning, imaging and post-processing are all completed in one step. The examination time is shortened by simplifying operations.


The Scanogram function allows information to be displayed rapidly on cross-sectional areas of regions for operators.


A Cutting-edge HighSpeed Imaging Technology

IP-RAPID is high-speed imaging using iterative processing, reducing scan times by up to 60% while maintaining image quality comparable to conventional imaging methods that don't apply IP-RAPID.

High speed Prescan

Prescan, which is performed as a preparatory procedure is also enhanced by reducing the time before the main scan.


Digital image processing function that automatically creates clipping images of head MRA images.

DICOM Transfer

Automated image transfer by DICOM

  • *1 This system automates, not diagnos. Images need to be checked by the operator.

Experience enhanced SPEED with our IP-RAPID.

IP-RAPID enables both high image quality and reduced scanning time

IP-RAPID is a technology that can reduce scan time while maintaining image quality.
By combining undersampling and iterative reconstruction, it can be combined with various regions and functions.
SNR and spatial resolution can also be improved while maintaining the scan time.

Value is compared between the following examples

SynergyDrive  Workflow Coil System

Normal Scan  Total 16:42

With IP-RAPID  Total 8:14

IP-RAPID covers a variety of pulse sequences for all anatomical regions.

Emergency imaging  Total 3:59

DWI  Total 4:00

Multi-contrast imaging  Total 5:54

Gated imaging (ECG, Respiratory)

Combined with SoftSound

High resolution imaging

Experience enhanced SPEED with our AutoExam.

Fully automatic function of MRI examination with simplified operations

AutoExam enables setting of imaging conditions, positioning, image processing, image display, image storage, and image transfer functions to be carried out in one step during examination.
The operator can choose to perform semi-automated examinations and may stop, correct and restart imaging.

SynergyDrive  Workflow Coil System

Auto Operation

AutoPose Brain

AutoPose is a slice line setting support function.
When the Scanogram imaging ends, the preset section is automatically set and can be registered up to five types of preset sections.


When AutoExam is executed, clipping is performed automatically after MRA imaging.
It is possible to perform additional clipping on images after automatic clipping.



without clipping

with AutoClip