October 3, 2022

Fujifilm receives regulatory approval for its latest generation Endoscopic Ultrasound endoscope (EG-740UT) and achieves compatibility of its Ultrasound endoscope line-up with Fujifilm Healthcare’s flagship ARIETTA Ultrasound system

  • Fujifilm has developed a new generation therapeutic linear array Ultrasound endoscope, the EG-740UT, designed for complex diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic Ultrasound procedures.
  • Fujifilm Healthcare’s high end ARIETTA Ultrasound system(*1) is now approved for use with Fujifilm’s Ultrasound endoscope line-up (*2) to deliver a powerful and comprehensive solution for interventional endosonographers.

Endoscopic Ultrasound is a specialist procedure performed  utilizing an endoscope equipped with an ultrasonic transducer which emits and receives ultrasonic waves within the gastrointestinal tract, such as the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum, to provide images which can enable physicians to identify anatomical structures and associated pathology. The exact positioning and size of pathology as well as the depth of cancer invasion can be determined utilizing this specialist technique . Endoscopic Ultrasound is widely used especially for the detailed examination and diagnosis of pancreatic and biliary lesions (*3). In recent years, Endoscopic Ultrasound-assisted Fine-Needle Aspiration, in which a needle is guided and inserted into an extraluminal cyst or lesion by way of Ultrasound imaging, is used to collect cells and tissue from the area to undergo histopathological diagnoses. Moreover, Interventional Endoscopic Ultrasound is becoming widely adopted for therapeutic applications involving the pancreatic and biliary anatomy.  (*4,5).

FUJIFILM Corporation has developed a convex ultrasonic endoscope, the EG-740UT, for the upper gastrointestinal tract. The EG-740UT is equipped with a specialist guide wire locking mechanism and a new distal end configuration. Its distinct design enables endoscopic instruments to be visualized within the endoscopic field of view, with the aim of improving the efficiency and user-friendliness of the Ultrasound endoscope during the procedure. 

Fujifilm’s Ultrasound endoscope "EG-740UT" has improved Ultrasound transmission and reception sensitivity by adopting a newly developed high-performance transducer. The quality of Fujifilm’s Ultrasound image quality is therefore greatly improved. In addition, this new Ultrasound endoscope is equipped with the well-established "G-LOCK" mechanism, which can fixate the guidewire during intra procedural instrument exchange, reducing the complexity and duration of instrument exchanges. In addition, by revising  the configuration of the camera lens, transducer and instrument channel outlet as well as increasing the diameter of the working channel, and reducing the size of the rigid aspects of the endoscope tip, Fujifilm has designed an Ultrasound endoscope that delivers high-end, all-round clinical performance from diagnosis to treatment. 

By combining Fujifilm’s latest generation EG-740UT Ultrasound endoscope with the ARIETTA 850, Fujifilm intends to provide  outstanding Ultrasound image quality with advanced therapeutic capability. Fujifilm Healthcare’s "ARIETTA 850 FF ENDO", is equipped with Fujifilm Healthcare’s ' ultrasonic transmission and reception technology "eFocusing" and image processing technology "Carving Imaging" making it possible to render clear Ultrasound images from superficial to the very deepest areas of the abdomen. In addition, the ARIETTA is equipped with various diagnostic applications such as "Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE)," which uses color to express variations in tissue elasticity, and "Shear Wave Measurement," which can quantitatively evaluate the elasticity of the tissue.  The newly compatible EG-740UT and Arietta 850 will go on sale from January 2023. Fujifilm intends to unveil the EG-740UT and Arietta 850 at the United European Gastro Week (UEG Week) held in Vienna, Austria from October 8th 2022.

Takemasa Kojima, Vice President - Endoscopy at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, said: 

„The compatibility of Fujifilm’s high performance Ultrasound endoscopes with Fujifilm Healthcare's flagship Ultrasound diagnostic equipment was highly anticipated since the acquisition of Hitachi’s  Diagnostic Imaging Business back in 2021. We are incredibly proud that this milestone has come to fruition. We will continue with vigor, to bring together class leading, proprietary technologies, products, and services to deliver endoscopy solutions that will deliver better outcomes for patients.“

Kurt Lauriers,  EUS clinical specialist -Endoscopy at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, said:

“Working with the very best Ultrasound technology throughout my career has been a real privilege, particularly as I have been able to support healthcare professionals to deliver the very best in patient care in some of the most tragic of circumstances. However, this new development takes us to new heights and I am incredibly proud that we can continue on that journey by pushing the boundaries of our technological capability and delivering endoscopy solutions that  strive to enhance patients quality of life”

*1.    “ARIETTA 850 FF ENDO” indicates “ARIETTA 850”.
Product Name “Diagnostic Ultrasound System ALOKA ARIETTA 850”, GMDN “40761”, Generic Name “General-purpose ultrasound imaging system”
*2.    Product Name “Ultrasonic Endoscope EG-740UT”, “Ultrasonic Endoscope EG-580UT”, “Ultrasonic Endoscope EG-580UR”, GMDN “36951”, Generic Name “Flexible ultrasonic gastroduodenoscope”
*3.    University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, Patient information
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