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NANOCUBIC technology

Fujifilm nanocubic is a combination of 3 unique nano technologies.

1. Coating Technology

An advanced precision coating process creates layers 5 times thinner than exsiting technologies.

Structural Comparison of Magnetic Media
[chart] Structural comparison between MV (single layer MP, ATOMM AND nanocubic technology) of Magnetic Media and a 50nm Magnetic Layer THickness example

2. Particle Technology

Creates two unique new ferromagnetic particles that are both just tens of nanometers in size:acicular ferromagnetic alloy and tabular ferromagnetic hexagonal barium ferrite.

Microscopic Comparison of Magnetic Particles
[image] Microscopic Comparison of Magnetic Particles between ATOMM and nanocubic Technology

3. Dispersion Technology

Employing a specially formulated polymer binder creates even dispersion and uniform packed structure.