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Digital Minilab

Frontier LP 5700R / 5500R


Ultimate digital minilab featuring excellent processing capability and reliable silver halide image quality.

Make your business the best-loved photo shop in town with minimal customer waiting times and absolutely no compromise on print quality

Amazing high image quality with the exceptional printing and high image processing technologies that only Fujifilm can offer; Outstanding capability enables processing of up to 2,040 prints per hour*1. Make sure your customers come back to you again and again by offering ultra high-speed finishing and the highest quality prints of digital images.  

  • *1 This capability available only with the Frontier LP5700R

Advanced Frontier hardware and supporting Fujifilm products are the keys to“Prints in Minutes” service

Frontier LP5700R/LP5500R with high-speed processing technology

The Frontier LP5700R/LP5500R have been engineered for greater productivity. Other elements include the high-speed conveyor belt, the highly efficient multi-path chemical processing system, and the fast yet energy-efficient drying system. Sharp, high-resolution images and pure, vivid colors are provided by the Fujifilm-developed high-speed laser exposure unit.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type II

Strongly recommended as the optimum color print paper for the Frontier LP5700R/LP5500R, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type II paper offers faster results along with superior print quality.

CP-49E chemical system

The CP-49E chemical system guarantees time-saving efficiency. One-touch chemical mixing provides simple, clean and safe processing.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type II
Image Intelligence™

Image Intelligence™

Incorporated Image Intelligence™ automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as poor lighting, backlighting, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure. Image Intelligence™ also makes skin tones more natural and facial expressions more distinct. Processing time is reduced because photo image correction is automatic at the same time ensuring attractive, customer-pleasing prints.

High Processing Capacity

Increased processing capacity allows you to handle more business and offer faster services to your customers.

Single-Order Processing Time

With faster across-the-board processing (including dry-to-dry time of only 1'22"), now drop-off, processing, and pick-up can be accomplished in a single trip.

12-inch Print Sizes

The wider range of sizes includes prints up to 12 X 18 inches. Even at these large dimensions, the prints have beautiful image quality and crisp, clear resolution.

Space Saving

More compact dimensions and three-sided maintenance give you greater flexibility and space efficiency in the physical layout of your store.