Fujifilm establishes FUJIFILM VET Systems for further enhancing its veterinary medicine business

Marketing veterinary medical devices and offering various services to veterinary facilities

News Release

June 30, 2019

Tokyo, July 1, 2019 ― FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) establishes today FUJIFILM VET Systems Co., Ltd. (Head office in Tokyo; FFVS), which will supply various medical devices and services required for veterinary clinical practice in Japan, by integrating the veterinary medicine business section of its domestic medical systems marketing subsidiary, FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd., and FUJIFILM Monolith Co., Ltd., a provider of veterinary diagnostic laboratory services. With the establishment of FFVS, Fujifilm strives to further enhance its veterinary medicine business.

FUJIFILM Monolith has the largest market share of veterinary diagnostic laboratory service in Japan and has contributed to veterinary medicine. With its network of ten laboratories across Japan, the company directly picks up samples and specimens from veterinary facilities and swiftly reports test results. FUJIFILM Medical’s veterinary medicine business section has been marketing and supplying veterinary X-ray, ultrasound diagnostic imaging devices, clinical chemistry analyzers and data management software, developed and manufactured by Fujifilm, in the Japanese market.

FFVS consolidates the functions of these two companies to deliver a variety of products and services to the expanding veterinary medicine market. The company will also launch a new service called “FUJIFILM VETELINK Network” (FVN) this fall in Japan, integrally managing test data and image information, obtained at veterinary facilities, together with the results of laboratory service provided by FFVS.

In recent years, as pets are living longer and their diseases have diversified, including cancer, heart diseases, kidney diseases and diabetes, there is a growing need for wellness examination, such as blood tests and X-rays for disease prevention. It results in expansion of the market demand for testing services and veterinary facilities are under expectation of more efficient diagnostic services.

The new FVN service integrally manages, on a dedicated cloud server, X-ray images taken at veterinary facilities, blood test data and the results of laboratory service provided by FFVS. The test results of FFVS’s service are automatically sent to the FVN online for storage. That means veterinary facilities no longer have to manually enter test results, thereby streamlining the testing process. Veterinarians can check all testing data and information, managed by the FVN, in the chronological order, which dramatically improves diagnostic efficiency.

In addition to the FVN service, a “teleradiology consultative service,” in which users can ask experienced veterinary diagnosticians to examine X-ray images managed on the FVN. The service provides dependable interpretation while also contributing to streamlining diagnostic work at veterinary facilities.

FFVS is also considering to develop a service which veterinary facilities share testing and diagnostic information managed on the FVN with pet owners from their home. This will allow veterinary facilities and pet owners to work together in maintaining pets’ health.

By establishing FFVS, Fujifilm will further enhance its veterinary medicine business, addressing the diversifying frontline needs of veterinary medicine swiftly and accurately while striving to further streamline diagnostic and testing procedures and improve the quality of veterinary services. Fujifilm will contribute to build a society in which pets and their owners can live in good health and with peace of mind.

<Overview of FFVS>

Company name

FUJIFILM VET Systems Co., Ltd.


July 1, 2019


12 million yen

Representative Director and President

Kiyotaka Fujiwara

Number of employees


Business description

Marketing veterinary diagnostic devices, diagnostic reagents, etc.; Providing veterinary diagnostic laboratory services; Offering services such as managing testing data and teleradiology consultative services


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FUJIFILM Corporation
Corporate Communications Division

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