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Nip pressure


This is a collection of examples of nip pressure measurement using Prescale.
Four examples of Calender rolls, Rubber roller mounting, Size press rubber rolls and Rollers for pressing electrode plates of lithium-ion are posted.

Table of contents

(1)Adjustment of calender roll pressure balance

Industry: Paper
Challenges: If the left-right pressure balance is poor, drift and quality problems occur.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvemnet

(2)Assessment of rubber roll mounting quality

Industry: Displays, Prited boards, Lead frames, etc
Challenges: If the adhension of the rubber to the steel core of the lamination nip roll is poor or if the rubber is damaged, lamination defects occur.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvemnet

(3)Checking for wear on size press rubber roller rolls when changing paper sizes

Industry: Paper manufacturing 
Challenges: If there is even a slight amount of wear where the edges of the narrower size press rubber rolls touch, "striping"or other irregularities may occur when wider rolls are used.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Less material loss

(4)Inspection  for damage or alignment of rollers used for pressing electrode plates

Industry: Smartohones, EVs
Challenges: If the rollers are not parallel, the thickness of the electrode plate varies between the right and left.
Benefits of Prescale: Optimum tool to perform scheduled quality inspection