Czech Republic

November 18, 2020

Aerial Surveillance from 220m above ground with Fujifilm SX800

Munich is one of the safest cities with over a million inhabitants in the world – and it got even safer now: With 3 SX800 long range surveillance camera systems

The Munich Olympic Tower is one of the most iconic buildings of Germany. As of late, at the heights of 160 m and 220 m above the ground level, three SX800 surveillance systems with Full HD resolution and 40x zoom are mounted on pan-tilt installations.

These systems were installed to monitor the often highly frequented area of the Munich Olympic Park. Operators can detect and monitor emergency situations in a radius of several hundreds of meters around the tower. The cameras allow for a detailed analysis of overcrowded areas where early countermeasures can prevent mass panic and casualties.

The three SX800 all-in-one camera systems with integrated high-end zoom lenses and control interface deliver sharp images even if the target objects are kilometers away and disturbed by fog or heat haze. This product concept and its performance has convinced the operators in Munich and contributes to the safety of its citizens.


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